Monday, July 5, 2010

Trek Expo Trip - Part 1

Last Saturday J and I went to Tulsa for Trek Expo.

When I was younger I was a Massive Star Trek fan. I mean, I loved it! (I still like it and see it occasionally but nothing like when I was younger.) Something I Always wanted to do was go to a Star Trek Convention. They sounded like so very much fun. I never actually got to go to one though because of the cost (too much) and location (too far).

 A couple months ago I found out that an actor that I'm a fan of, Mark Sheppard, was going to be in Tulsa at Trek Expo. I was immediately on a mission to get there. I went searching to see who else was going to be guests there. I needed someone to entice J to go. He's not a Trek fan like I am. I discovered that Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V) was going to be there. J watches Both of her shows. Perfect! So I pitched him the idea and he was all for it.

First step was to purchase tickets to get in. Then with the next paycheck we purchased photo op tickets. One for him and Ms. Vandervoort and one for myself and Mr. Sheppard. I was excited. (And scared to death as well, I'm not very good at meeting people.)

Finally the day came. We woke up way too early and headed out. (the plus side of this early thing was a yummy McDonald's breakfast. Fast food breakfasts are sooo good!) When we arrived I took a look at the schedule (one more time, I'd looked online) and Mark Sheppard (the guy I had originally planned to see) was not on it at all. He wasn't scheduled to speak on stage and answer any questions and he was scheduled for photos either. This made me unhappy.

I went to the information desk to find out if I was going to be able to use the photo ticket (That I'd Paid for) that day since he wasn't on the schedule. She told me she had no idea and was having problems getting a hold of anyone who could tell her.

So, Hubby and I decided to go in and walk around. We walked through the door way and guess who I saw? Mark Sheppard. He was sitting ten feet away from me and talking to a bunch of people. Very cool. You would think I would have run over there and got in line. I mean, this is the guy I had come to meet. No way! Are you kidding?! I'm a wimp! I wandered around for a bit. Went back to the info. lady, she still didn't know anything. Finally I decided to just go straight to the source. I was standing there with J and I looked over and he was alone, no one else at his table so over I walked. Scared. To. Death.

This has turned into a rather long post and I think I shall continue on to part two tomorrow.

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What! Leave me hanging why don't you. Grrrr.