Monday, July 19, 2010

I LOVE The Internet!

I love my mp3 player. I love plugging it into the cassette (yes I said cassette because our car is from the stone age) adapter and blasting it when I'm alone in my car. I love my cassette adapter.

My cassette adapter broke.

My cassette adapter broke during a THREE HOUR TRIP. Actually at the beginning of the three hour trip!

 I couldn't handle it, so we stopped at a Walmart and I grabbed a new one. (well, I paid for it, I didn't just grab it and leave.)

Ran back to the car, plugged it in, plugged in the mp3 player and . . .

Two seconds of Music . . . cassette flips to the other side . . . music for 2 seconds . . . cassette flips to the other side . . . 2 seconds of music . . . cassette flips to the other side. You get the picture?

I was not happy! Waste of money and NO music!

That thing sat in our car for weeks, doing no good. Then, I had a thought! Google!

I googled: "How do I make my mp3 cassette adapter play without auto reversing?" I honestly wasn't expecting much. But then I found this link: How to cure car cassette adapter "auto-reverse flip-flop"


I followed the very good, very easy instructions and now I have mp3 music in my car again!!

I LOVE the Internet!

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