Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Booster Band

We have this thing at our church called Booster Band (I'm really not sure why it's called this).

It's a time during church on Sunday morning when all the Kiddo's get up in front and have fun singing some Kiddo songs. They love it! It's really cute too.

The first song they always sing includes the words "Bring someone with you."

This past Sunday our Pastor had the brilliant idea to ask the Kiddos if they wanted to bring someone. Of course they all said yes so she told them to go get someone to bring with them.

 . . .

Right about that time is when I started hyperventilating. Okay, no, not really but I wasn't very comfortable.

I do NOT do well in front of people. I do even worse when I'm supposed to be singing in front of people. However, I don't think the Kiddo knows or cares about that. And as I sat there and shook (Ok, I wasn't REALLY shaking) I saw the Kiddo come walking up the aisle towards me.

He stopped a row away and started waving me towards him with his hand.

What was going through my head? "I'm going to have to have a conversation with this Pastor of ours. And then of course tell her that we'll be finding another church!"

Alright, I'm just kidding. Also, I didn't have any breakdowns or anything and I lived through it.

But, I never want to do it again!

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