Thursday, July 15, 2010

HGotW: Bradley James

It's Thursday! Do you know what that means?? (Well, it didn't mean the same thing last week since we did this on Friday but still . . . ) That's right! It's time for HGotW!!!!

The guy I've chosen for this week may possibly be the youngest Guy I've featured here. Born in 1983 he's almost 27. I can't remember featuring anyone younger than that.

Anyway, I started watching Merlin (because of Anthony Head) and discovered this weeks Hot Guy. He's adorable. He's a good actor and he does commentary videos for the "Merlin fans" and they are great! He's a very entertaining young man. I hope to see him around much more in the future!

So, I give you a young man to watch . . .

Bradley James
(I'd also like to mention that I thought Misha Collins had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen but this guy blows him out of the water by about a hundred times!)

(As Arthur in Merlin)


(The last two are my favorites. I always save my favorites for last.)

I chose this particular young lady for today because A. I think she's beautiful. B. She's part of the Merlin cast and I thought that would fit nicely and C. Her character and Bradley James' character will end up together some day and I just LOVE them together. They make a beautiful couple.

Today's featured female is . . .

Angel Coulby

(As Gwen/Guinevere in Merlin. SO Pretty.)

And once again, ALL the pretty in ONE picture! (Although I have to take issue with his t-shirt. Dolphins?!)

This concludes this weeks edition of HGotW. (Another of my favorites) I hope to see you back next week. (Well, tomorrow really but no more HG until next week!)

Have a wonderful day!


skysenshi said...

I was just blogging about Merlin and I wasn't quite sure if Bradley James' eyes were blue (My eyes deceive me sometimes). Now these pictures have proven that they are indeed blue. Thanks!!

Dragonlady said...

I was just checking out pics of Bradley and it brought me here - can't fault your taste with this one!!!

Hugs Ali x