Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coffee Creamer

I ran out of coffee creamer yesterday.

I was sad. However, when J said he was going to Walmart I realized it wasn't so bad. I asked him if he would, please, pick me up some creamer.

I gave him very specific instructions on the kind I wanted. I was actually afraid I confused him.

Please get me INTERNATIONAL DELIGHT Hazelnut. DON'T get me Coffee Mate, the last time I had it made me sick. Make sure it's International Delight and please make sure it's not the sugar free stuff. Ok, so I need International Delight, Hazelnut, but NOT sugar free.

I was SURE I covered all my bases when explaining the kind of creamer I needed. So, off he went.

He returned home with creamer. International Delight, Hazelnut, Non-sugar free creamer . . . .

 . . . in single serve pouches.

I neglected to mention that he could find my creamer in the refrigerated section.

I don't use a little coffee cup for my iced coffee I use a large cup so this morning I filled up my Large cup and I think I added about four or five of those little pouches.

 Oh well, at least I have creamer! Hehe. :)

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Eileen O'Connor said...

I feel your pain. I am a creamer addict. I favor the fat-free creamer so that I can fool myself into thinking it's actually no extra calories (HA!). In fact, I love creamer so much that I started drinking coffee last year at the ripe old age of 51!!! More stuff to put creamer in! Creamer makes everything better. Please take a moment to enjoy my ramblings on the attached URL. Thanks!