Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Random Tuesday! Do you have Random Thoughts? Would you like to share them? Or maybe you just want to read about other's Random Thoughts? Well, grab the Random box and head over to Keely's blog!


1. Is it time for Summer to go away yet? I'm tired of the HEAT and the bugs! My house has been invaded by spiders. Those creepy wolf looking spiders.

2.  A trip? To see the best friend? This Summer? Sounds like a good idea! I sure hope it actually gets to happen!

3. I've launched a new blog. I plan to write a full post about it but I figured I'd drop a sneak peak here. Do you like TV? That's what it's all about! Rants and Raves.

4. Anyone live in Colorado? Hear the news about the guy struck by lightning there on Saturday? That's my cousin, SPC Michael Montanari. . He's recovering but still in pretty bad shape. It's so crazy! We'd love any prayers you could spare!

5. I want this. And as soon as I get extra money I plan to have it. :)


6.  Yesterday I posted a recipe for Mini Caramel Cinnamon Rolls. They are so yummy and really easy to make. Check them out!

7. I Can't Stand Sid the Science Kid!! SOOOO Annoying! (Informative for Kidd's but REALLY annoying!) You have no idea, oh my word.

8. I may be repeating myself, but . . . Go Away, Summer!

Have a wonderful Random Tuesday everyone!


VandyJ said...

Why are so amny kids shows so very annoying? Some of them make me want to pull my ears off.

Anonymous said...

Ewww amen on the spiders, we get those too and they creep me out!