Monday, July 26, 2010

Paypal Limits?!

I've discovered eBay.

Well, I discovered eBay a long time ago but mostly I just used eBay's affiliate Half. com. Recently though I've been keeping track of eBay's Daily Deals which has led to a bit more eBay surfing. Also, maybe some purchases.

I love eBay. I may be just a tad addicted.

Anyway, I've purchased a couple things using Paypal and twice now I've received an email telling me that I need to get my Paypal account verified before I hit my limit.

When I received this e-mail for the second time yesterday I panicked a bit. I thought "Oh no! What if my payment doesn't go through because I reached my limit!?"

So, I ran clicked over to Paypal's website to check my limit.

$10,000.00 limit . . .

Uh, yea! I think I'll be okay for at least a few more purchases!

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