Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!!

Happy Random Tuesday! My blog is late today but at least it's here! If you want to play along with Random Tuesday Thoughts then clicky the little box below and join the fun over at Keely's blog!!


1. Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law are here until Wednesday, just visiting. We've been having fun.

2. One day the Kiddo was talking and started using a word. He used it as an adjective. I'm not sure where he heard this word (I don't say it) but he uses it all the time. He's used it for ages. It's just stuck with him. Often when he's being silly he uses this word to describe something. The word? "Doinky" You're welcome.

3. I may be in love with the person who discovered/invented coffee.

4. I want to see Inception!! Now!

5. I think we're going for Chinese food tonight. MMMmmm.

6. Had an awesome dream last night. (Don't tell J. I wasn't married in the dream.) But I met a prince and was going to marry him. He said "We're getting married, Princess." and I smiled like goof. :) Not sure where this dream came from but I may possibly have to turn it into a short story!

7. I really don't have a lot of random today. I think I'll end it here. Have a great day everyone!!! Happy Tuesday!

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