Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trek Expo - Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first part of my Trek Expo experience. Today, part two.

So I walked up to his table and blew him away with my ridiculously impressive oppening line . . . A TWO Sylable "Hi." Yup, I'm smooth!

He said "Hi" and the proceeded to read my t-shirt. It said "Everybody Loves an Irish Girl." He said "Yup, it's true!" I smiled (dorkish, I'm SURE). I then proceeded to explain that I was there to see him and he wasn't even on the schedule. *Insert pouty face* I said you're not on stage today . . . and right here is where Mark Sheppard (and his "handler" woman) lied to me. "Oh yes I am!" he said "Yes, he is!" she said. "Oh really? You're not on the schedule." I said. "They printed those out wrong." She said, all bright and smiley (she really was sweet.) "Great!" I said.

Can't remember exactly what was said next but then I said "I love your work." He nodded and said "Thanks." Then I told him that Sterling is my favorite and asked if he would be back. He very enthusastically responded that oh yes, Sterling would be back. Then I said "But not this season?" No, not this season. *Sadness* Then "It was nice to meet you" and I ran away to hide walked away.

Later, I went back to the very nice lady at the info. booth to find out about the pictures. She sent me to the registration table. There I asked for a refund for my photo ticket since I was pretty sure I wasn't getting that picture. She felt awful and wanted to make sure I got my picture so she said "Come with me." I followed her back to Mark Sheppard's table where we talked to his "handler" (I keep calling her that, she was like his coordinator/liason kind of person). She said they were trying to work the ticket thing out. There was another lady there who also had a ticket for a photo with him. (Only two of us? Seriously? Do people not know who this guy is?)

Anyway, they discussed and decided that he could squeeze pictures with the two of us in at 6 PM, right when the place was shutting down.

So at six I went to stand "in line" (it was really just me and that other lady) for a photo. He finally showed up. (I got the impression through out the day that he has problems being where he is supposed to be on time. Hehe.) I walked into the little photo place and he was standing there waiting. He pointed to a mark on the floor and said "Stand right there, my darling." so I did. (Duh.) He put his arm around me, they snapped the pic and that was it. I said "Thanks so much for coming back here for us." He said "Sure." and that was it. It happened SO fast that I can hardly remember it at all! (This kind of makes me sad.)

Also, since it was so late I had to leave my name and information and they'll send me my picture. So, I haven't seen it yet. I hope it turned out well.

Thanks for reading. There will probably be one more part to the Trek Expo series. Since William Shatner and a few of the others told some fun stories that I'd like to remember here.


Anonymous said...

"I got the impression through out the day that he has problems bing where he is supposed to be on time. Hehe" -

I understand he's quite the talker so I can see where that could be a problem. Glad you got to meet him. I hope to be able to get to Dragon*Con to finally meet him.

Rayhne said...

I knew I should have gone. So they didn't have him on stage at all? What was he doing?