Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facebook Groups

Do you become of a fan of groups on Facebook? I didn't use to but I started seeing some that I just couldn't resist so I do now. Here's a few of the groups that I've joined or pages I've become a fan of. (I didn't post the TV shows, people or products I'm a fan of. Just the "Fun" ones.

As a Kid I Used to Jump From Couch to Couch To Avoid the Lava & Quicksand"


I can only handle so much stupid before I have to say something 

Driving in Summer with the windows down and the music turned up. 

"What if Google didn't exist?" "Man we would all be screwed" 

I panic when someone says to me 'I need to talk to you'. 

I stay in my pajamas until I absolutely HAVE to get dressed. 

This is america, we shouldnt have to press 1 for english 

Re-discovering music you used to love 

I couldn't survive if i lost my best friend <3 

Have you ever just looked at someone, and automatically felt annoyed? 

'Let's eat Grandma!' or, 'Let's eat, Grandma!' Punctuation saves lives. 

Nothing to do so I think Ill eat everything in my house 

You're my bestfriend because i wouldnt dare to be this weird with anyone else

I don't sleep enough because I stay up late for no reason

I hate when you act like that, because I know you arent really that way.


I Hate When I Walk Into The Bathroom and Find a Tiger Other

Don't criticize the music on my iPod. It's MY iPod.

If you were looking for groups to join, here they are! Have a great day!

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