Friday, April 9, 2010

Zoe! Zoe Get in Here!! ZOE!!

We have a neighbor directly across from us.

She's one of those little old lady types, she's sweet but look out if she catches you outside. She's going to talk to you for an hour.

I promise, the first time I met her she told me her life story! He Mom just recently moved back to town so she came here too. Her daughter lives in Colorado and she rarely gets to see her. She was married but her husband cheated on her. I heard about her husband's mistress and  I heard about the church where she grew up. It was an interesting conversation.

Anyway, she had a little "wind-up" dog. I call it a wind up dog. It's one of those tiny little dogs that yapps instead of barks? Like the dog in Lady and the Tramp that bounces backwards when it barks.

Nearly every early morning it's the same routine. Did I mention the word early?

She lets the dog out and then a short while later she opens the door and begins yelling, (screaming in a high pitched voice) "ZOE!! ZOE!!!!! ZOOOEEEE!!!! ZOE GET IN HERE!!! ZOE!!! ZOE, COME HERE!!!! ZOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

No joke. Who needs an alarm?

One day I'm going to buy a dog leash and leave it at her door step, anonymously.

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