Thursday, April 22, 2010

HGotW: Misha Collins

I haven't really seen this weeks Hot Guy of the Week around a whole lot. I'd seen him before two or three times but I really noticed him when he showed up on Supernatural (Yes, I'm telling you. There are a lot of pretty people on that show!)

Honestly, when he first showed up on Supernatural I was not a fan. But when I say that I mean that I wasn't a fan of his character. He still qualified as a hot guy.

I've seen some interviews and some videos from conventions since then and he seems like a pretty funny guy. And those eyes . . .

I hope you agree that he fits right in around here. This weeks HGotW . . .

Misha Collins


MMMmmm Come on people, look at those eyes (and lips)! :)
(And yes, it's possible that this pic is, in fact, my wallpaper on my laptop.)

The lady I chose for this week is very beautiful and very talented. I've enjoyed seeing her in everything that I've seen her in so far (haha, what a strange sentence). She's also the female lead in the highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar. (Which I haven't seen yet but J assures me is worthy of the hype.)

Zoe Saldana

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful Thursday!!

Check out Misha on Supernatural tonight on the CW!

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