Monday, April 5, 2010

Sorry for the Depression

I'm the proud Mommy of one little boy. He's wonderful and I love him like crazy.

Sometimes I think I might want another Kiddo . . . then I think again and right now I'm good. Then, of course, it occurs to me that I'm not getting any younger and I shouldn't wait too long if I really want another Kiddo.

However, I live in Nowhere, Oklahoma. My family lives in Pennsylvania. My whole family. My Mommy.

I've had one Kiddo away from my family and I'm not really interested in having another out here in the middle of nowhere with no one around. I miss my family. I know that my Mom wants to be around for another and I want her around.

Not too mention, it's nice to have a little help around when you have a new baby (I would imagine especially if you already have one little Kiddo) and like I already said, there's no one here.

I want, so badly, to move back to Pennsylvania for good. I'm so tired of living here away from everyone. I just want to go home.

Then when I'm home maybe I'll be ready to have another Kiddo . . . To tell the truth, I'm ready to have another Kiddo now, but not here.

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