Monday, April 19, 2010

The First Book I Ever Read

Do you remember the first book you ever read? I'm not talking like a Dr. Suess kind of book. I mean the first big book with full chapters that you ever read?

I remember the first one I ever read was a Star Trek Voyager Book (I've told you before that I'm a geek). It was called The Escape. I was twelve years old.

I was at the mall with my Grandfather and there was (I think it's even still there . . . well, maybe) a little comic book shop that I used to love to go in. I was never a fan of comic books but they also had all the Star Trek stuff. You know, the figures and the phasers and the tricorders and all those fun things. Anyway I went in to look around and I saw the book just lying there on the shelf.

I picked it up and read the back and for reason I wanted it. I put it down and ran out to my Grandfather who was waiting for me on a bench outside the store. I remember asking him if he would buy me the book.

He was so sweet (and fond of spoiling). He gave me the money and I ran in and bought it. I showed it to him when I came out. He seemed suprised at the size and asked if I was actually going to read it. I assured him I would. And I did.

It was a very well written book. I can't remember the exact plot (after all I was twelve when I read it) but I can still remember scenes from it. I love when I read a book and I can see it all happening in my head like I'm watching a movie.

I still have the book. Maybe one day I'll have to dig it out and read it again just for old times sake.

Do you remember the first book you read?

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