Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

My VERY late Random Tuesday post! Link-up over at Keely's blog with your own Randomness!


1. I'm trying to put together a Random Tuesday post and I find I'm having a hard time coming up with some thoughts. Good news is that the last time I said that I ended up with lots of random thoughts. Hoping for a repeat.

2. We're planning on going to Washing D.C. on Thursday. I'm really excited. I love it there, it's so beautiful. Have you been to D.C.? What are your favorite sites there? Kiddo really wants to see dinosaurs and I love the Lincoln Memorial.

3. I love my library at home in Oklahoma but yesterday I went with my Dad and Brother to the library here. They have ENTIRE series of TV shows on DVD! I could barely take it all in! I wish our library had that kind of selection. Not too mention they had so many DVD's it was crazy! I do kind of think that our library has more books though.

4. Before the Kiddo and I came to Pennsylvania I went to Spread Shirt and created a t-shirt for him that said "I love Grammy and Grandpa!" I love it! Yesterday I got a code in the mail for 15% off my next order if I order in the next ten days. I'm So there!

5. Told ya. I've got nothing and on top of that I very nearly almost forgot to post today at all!

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