Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sitter

I recently became a fan on Facebook of "As a Kid I Used to Jump From Couch to Couch To Avoid the Lava & Quicksand"

I laughed because when I read that it took me back to one specific memory from childhood.

My Dad was in a business every tuesday night they had a meeting. My Aunt was also in this group with him so that left myself and my two cousins with a sitter on those nights.

Our sitter was named Sam and I'm not sure how old she was. I know that to me she seemed very grown up to me but that's because I was a little kid. But now, looking back, I would wager that she wasn't that grown up.

You see we were playing some sort of game. We had our pretend guns out and we were climbing on the furniture and jumping from sofa to sofa in order to avoid . . . Well, I'm not sure what we were avoiding but it was something on the floor!

And when I saw "we" I'm referring to myself, my two cousins and our sitter, Sam. Yup, All of us, jumping from couch to couch to avoid the lava!

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