Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dream Land

J used to talk about a recurring dream that he had every year at about the same time. Something about a dog . . . I can't remember the details.

Anyway, I thought about that. I was thinking, I don't think I've ever had a recurring dream.

Then it hit me. I have had a recurring dream. However, it wasn't always the exact same dream. Like it happened in different place but always the same thing happened.

My teeth fell out! All of them!

I would be at my Gram's house or somewhere and all of a sudden one of my teeth would feel lose. I would run to the bathroom and look in the mirror and then it would fall out! I would panic and wish and hope that it were just a dream.

Of course it was. Whew! I haven't had that dream in a while. I sure hope that just because I wrote about it doesn't mean it's going to come back to me!

Do you experience any recurring dreams? Creepy or just odd? I think any recurring dream would be odd.

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