Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Keep 'em in Business

Shopping. It seems like I spend a LOT of time at Walmart.

Now this could be because I need things that are there, it could also be because there is NOTHING (well, almost nothing) else to do in the ity, bity, teeny, tiny town that I live in. (I'm not even kidding, the place is small.)

But I do seem to be "heading to Walmart" a lot. What do I need so often? Milk . . .

It's absolutely amazing the amount of milk we go through around here!

Sure, I sometimes need bread or cheese or Dr. Pepper for J because he's addicted. But more often than not I'm going to Walmart to replenish the milk supply.

Maybe I should buy a cow? I'm not so sure how well the people who manage the apartments where I live would like that.

So, what do you seem to constantly run out of?

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