Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Random! Random! Random! Happy Random Tuesday! Click the Random box below and join the fun over at Keely's blog!


1. Many Years ago when I was much much younger I was involved in a conversation regarding Holidays. Someone was complaining about "made up" holidays. I thought that I would get involved in that trend and make up my own holiday. I created "Zakamingkomo Day." Yes it's a ridiculous name but I was a kid! Zakamingkomo day is December 8 and the traditional food is Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also, you should wear green. So, Happy Zakamingkomo Day!!! Grab a cookie!

2. Live Free or Die Hard was on TV last night. Hubby turned it on and it was already mostly over. All I could think was how have I missed that movie? I'm going to have to Netflix it, I think. (I love Timothy Olyphant but No One can compare to Alan Rickman!)

3. Our Christmas Party is on the 20th. I'm getting excited. I want to start baking some cookies but I'm afraid someone (or everyone) around here would eat them all.

4. Made a Pinata for the Kiddo's to smack around at the party. I'm a little worried that the ribbon that I've attached isn't going to hold it up. I guess we'll find out.

5. I have absolutely no idea what's up with this guy but this is hilarious!

6. I grew up a Pepsi drinker. I married J and he converted me to Dr. Pepper. I decided to try and lose some weight, so I switched to Diet Coke. I think I may be a Diet Coke drinker for life. (And I used to HATE Diet soda. Actually, I still hate most kind of diet soda.)


kendrasue said...

I love all the Die Hard movies! Yippe-ki-yay! And I will definitely enjoy a chocolate chip cookie to celebrate your holiday!

Mom in High Heels said...

Zakamingkomo Day sounds awesome. I'll celebrate any day that has Chocolate Chip Cookies for the traditional food. Oh, and hey, I'm already wearing green! Bonus.
Diet ANYTHING is an abomination and should be destroyed. Just saying.
And you are correct. No one can compare to Alan Rickman. Yipie-ki-yay!

CaJoh said...

And Happy Zakamingkomo Day to you too. Forgot to be the wearer of the green, but I may just change sweaters when I get home.

Thank you for your randomness,

Design it Chic said...

OO Zakamingkongo Day is the same as our Wedding Anniversary.. now we know chocolate cookies is the way to go :)

Happy Randomness !!! Check out mine!