Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

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1. Just to reiterate something that I've said a number of times before . . .  I believe that Christmas should last longer than one day. At LEAST three. The day after Christmas is such a downer. Why does it have to be only one day?

2. I like football. I like cheering for football games. I do not like screeching and screaming and yelling and freaking out and "screaming until your lungs bleed!" (Heard that in a commercial.)

3. Screaming and screeching raise my blood pressure and I just want to freak out and scream at the person who is screaming to stop screaming!

4. WHAT is wrong with Tom Brady?!?! He was throwing that ball to people that weren't even there!! Was he halucinating players out there, or what?

5. Are You Kidding Me?!!?!?!?!? WHY?!!?!?!?! I Don't think so! No way!

6. FACT: It's hard to put your 3 year old to bed when there are people yelling and laughing and having a blast in your living room.

7. We had an "all night" movie night last night. I am SO tired.

8. You know what happens when a group of people watch a funny movie at 3 am? A lot of silliness, that's what!

9. Sooooo tired.

10. WHERE is my Spell check???? Someone, please help??

11. Have a great day!

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