Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finding Treasure on Saturn

I heard a story once about a woman who lived very long ago. She had  two sons. She was sad because both of her sons chose to head out to sea and become sailors. Everyday she was fearful for their safety. She would stare at the ocean and wonder why on earth her sons had chosen such a dangerous occupation.

One day she walked into her house and it hit her. Above their mantle was a giant painting of a Clipper ship being tossed in the frothy waves. Her boys had grown up seeing that painting. To them it represented adventure and the unknown. They were chasing after that adventure when they chose their career paths.

My sons bedroom is a collage of planets, stars and spaceships. Everywhere you look in his room is something that represents outer space.

Yesterday my three year old son came up to me and said "I'm going to take an airplane to Jupiter and Saturn and find treasure!"

I guess I have myself to blame for decorating his room that way. Looks like I have a future astronaut on my hands.

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Becca said...

Very interesting...who knew room decor influenced childrens' career choices ;)