Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snug as a Bug


I love blankets.

I have so many blankets, you wouldn't believe.

I don't know how this obsession started or when actually. I just know that I've accumulated a vast amount of comforters, throws, fleece and baby blankets during the past few years.

When I was younger I had a bunk bed. Yes I'm an only child, what of it? I was just spoiled blessed when I was younger. Actually I don't really think I was that spoiled. I just asked for a bunk bed for Christmas one year and received it as a joint gift from my Gram and an Aunt. I often had friends over so it was nice to have a bed for them.

Anyway, with the bunk bed came two cute, matching, flowery comforters. I also, of course, had a comforter for the bed that I had before that one. So, at this point I was, oh maybe 9 and had three comforters.

Quite a few years later I requested a down comforter for Christmas. Kind of as a "hope chest" item. (Even though I never actually had a hope chest.) I didn't get my down comforter but I did get a large "Down Alternative" comforter. (That's Four comforters so far, if you've lost count, by age . . . 17?)

When I got married my husband and I received an awesome leopard print comforter for a wedding shower gift.

Later while my husband worked as a Mall Security Guard he was driving around the parking lot after closing and in the dumpster behind a store was a brand new (to this day I don't know WHY it was in there) queen size comforter. Bright green on one side and kind of checkered on the other with green and pink and white. Very cute.

Also somehow we acquired another twin bed comforter from some friends. (We're now up to 7 comforters.)

This does not include the myriad of throws (Two of which were 25 dollar soft and fluffy blankets that were in the dumpster with the green comforter.) that we have. A blanket that was made for my husband, a Sun Moon and Stars fuzzy blanket that was a gift from my Mom, a soft and fuzzy planet/space themed blanket that is my sons, an afghan that was made for me by my best friend, a giant teddy bear blanket also from mom and the million and one baby blankets, baby comforters and fleece throws.

To top it all off, the other day I went next door to a yard sale and found an awesome full size comforter that goes great in my son's room. (Comforter 8)

Needless to say when someone comes to stay at our house, they'll NEVER be cold!

(Thanks for sticking around for my history of blanket acquisitions.)

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