Friday, November 20, 2009

Chloe 2

August 27, 2009: I purchased Chloe (My LGenV3).

Most of the time she worked great. Then after I had her for about a month she started acting up. I would go to make a phone call or send a text and find that she had powered off. So, I would turn her back on and go about my day.

This would happen every other day, every three days, occasionally every day and it was starting to get irritating. I have a phone so people can get a hold of me and I can get a hold of them. How is anyone supposed to get a hold of me when my phone has turned herself off? (Maybe it was some form of protest?)

A few days ago (Sunday) I took Chloe to the Verizon store and told the lady what the problem was. She said "Oh you just need a software update. Let me do that for you."

I gladly handed over my phone and she went to update. The Kiddo and I ran to the store and then back for my phone. She handed it to me and I was very happy. I assumed I would no longer have to deal with Chloe's tantrums.

I walked out to the car, buckled the Kiddo in his car seat, sat down, started the car and looked at my phone. Off. Okay, I figured, optimistically, she was just resetting. Fifteen minutes later, Off. Does anyone see a pattern forming here? A couple hours later I was home, grabbed the phone, Off. This is now getting annoying. More annoying than it was before. She would throw her little tantrum and power off at least twice a day.

So, Wednesday I took her back. I couldn't handle it anymore. I traded her in. I am now the proud owner of Chloe 2. Same exact model phone, just a new one. It took AGES to get it all taken care of and get all my numbers and photo's transferred. Of course, I also lost my ring tones (Bye bye, Christian Kane). So, now I have to do those again.

I'm hoping however that this has taken care of the issue and Chloe 2 (Which will most likely be shortened to Chloe. Hey, it's almost still her, same battery.) and I will be great friends.

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