Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blogging everyday with . . . ticks?

I’m totally impressed with people who manage to post a blog Everyday! I would love to do that but what on earth would I write about? You would end up reading a lot of, either Mommy stories or Movie reviews.

I might give it a shot though. (This will last all of one day.) Here goes.

I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to write about and the only thing I can think about is the stupid fly buzzing at my living room window. BZZZ BZZZ BZZZZ So annoying.

I hate bugs. Noah should have taken a fly swatter to every last one of them on the ark! Especially the Ticks and the Mosquitoes.

I’m really not afraid of much. Snakes don’t bother me. I don’t want them in my house or anything but I’m not afraid of them. Mice are just disgusting! (Along with all forms of rodents. Sorry to all you hamster/gerbil lovers out there.) But I have a very irrational fear of ticks. I am scared to death of the little critters. I’ve been calling it Tickaphobia since I was young.

People make fun of me for it. They’re mean. They don’t understand. I can literally hyperventilate from a stupid, tiny little tick.

They like me too, ticks I mean, which just makes it worse. They find me. I took a walk once with my Dad. A couple miles, that’s all it was and I ended up with THREE ticks on me and he had nothing. This was cause of great amusement for him, of course.

Point: Bugs are evil and I live for the day the weather gets too cold (takes longer here than other places) for them to be everywhere. Autumn, oh, Autumn, where are you?!


Call Me Cate said...

I grew up in the woods, never remember having a tick. (Fleas on the cats, that's another issue altogether). But Joe came back from some park cleanup thing and had one on him. First time I've ever seen one.

I'm not a big fan of bugs of any sort. Or snakes. Mice are cute but not in my house.

Good luck with the every day blogging!

Seansmoma said...

You are so very very lucky!

Thanks for the comment and the luck! :)