Monday, July 20, 2009

The Death of the Light Bulb

The light in our “laundry room” has been blown out forever. I don’t know if I remember the last time it worked. We just never changed it because in our apartment the little alcove where the washer and dryer are is right off the dining room. I just open the curtains and use the dining room light.

However, the dining room light blew out a couple weeks ago and I’ve been pestering my husband to fix it. It wasn’t really a big deal though because the kitchen is right next to the dining room along with another light that sheds light in there very well so I would just turn on one of those lights.

The other day my husband’s family was here and when I went to turn the main kitchen light on it was blown out. My Sister-in-law then told me that it flashed at her and blew out. That’s okay. I have a light above the sink and one above the stove. (Although the light that I would use for the dining room was now blown out.)

So, I flipped on the light above the stove and poof! Out! It was like an epidemic sweeping through our electrical system. At this point the only light I have in the vast expanse that is the laundry room, dining room and kitchen is the tiny little light above the sink. Hardly appropriate.

Why have none of these been changed you ask? Because I would ask hubby to do it and finally he told me we don’t have bulbs. Ahhhh, Now you tell me!

Just now, I walked into the kitchen to get a drink for my kiddo, reached over the sink and flipped the switch. The switch that controls the only remaining light . . . POOF! We are now living like a pioneer family.

Good thing the hubby is out and about. I have requested that he pick up some (GOOD) light bulbs so that when he comes home he can change every light bulb in that half of the house.

Moral: If you want something done . . . Do it yourself! Oh and buy GOOD Light Bulbs!!

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Call Me Cate said...

We've had some light issues in our place. One in a really hard to reach area. Joe finally dragged out the ladder, changed all 4 bulbs, just to be safe, and within a week 1 promptly quit working again.