Friday, July 24, 2009


I love when stores or restaurant or companies compete with each other!

I had a very tasty meal last night. Two thighs, a side of Mac and cheese, a biscuit and a drink (which I didn’t actually drink because they didn’t have the diet soda I like so I just got a regular soda for J) all for FIVE dollars plus tax, courtesy, KFC.

I believe this all started with Subway’s Five Dollar Foot long. (Also very tasty.) I suppose restaurants did not like losing business to a “sandwich shop” (Subway is so much more than just a sandwich shop!) so they decided to fight back.

Now, I believe you can get some kind of stromboli type thing at Pizza Hut and of course the Five dollar fill-up boxes (mentioned above) at KFC. I haven’t had the one from Pizza Hut (It looks like an awful lot of dough for my taste.) but the others are great!

We never ate at KFC much because I think their food is kind of overpriced. However, I’m happy to say I’m a fan of the Fill-Up box!!

I love competition! I’ve heard a commercial for a bank (I have no idea which one) that says “When banks compete, you win! So true but for this blog we’ll say:

When restaurants compete, you eat!

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