Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Party Time!


My sister-in-law is going off to college in a few weeks and I talked to my Mother-in-law the other day to see if anyone was planning to give her a party. I was going to volunteer to hold a SMALL get together at my house.

Before I knew it I was in charge of the party that she was already thinking about planning to do . . . What? What happened? What did I miss?

Anyway, now I have a huge task before me! I welcome any suggestions anyone might have.

As far as food it would appear mil is just looking to do cake and ice cream, possibly hot dogs (ick). The cake I’ll make . . . I’m thinking two tiers covered in her favorite color fondant. I love making cakes. Of course, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

Well, I have thought that I would like to make a wishing well thing with a laundry basket and ask guests to bring small things such as pens and stuff to fill the basket with. Also, I want to hand out cards to guests and let them write notes/advice down for her, which I will assemble in a book and give to her later.

Seriously, I really need help! Anyone?


Call Me Cate said...

All of the ideas I came up with stink because I'm old and college is way different now. I would've killed for calling cards - and now we have unlimited long distance on cellphones. Quarters for laundry - and now most operate off some sort of card system.

I'm just going to take my walker over here and cry in the corner over my long-ago youth.

Seansmoma said...

Quarters for laundry! I know! That's the first thing everyone says to me when I mention this to them. I remember my Mom gave me a bag full when I left. lol

I did have a cell phone though. Hubby used calling card, he didn't get a cell til his second year (My third).