Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, yesterday . . .

Was yesterday ever an eventful day! Wow!

Yesterday morning when I turned on TweetDeck I was greeted by a great surprise! I won I Am Not Superwoman's Skoy Cloth Giveaway!! I was so excited! I wanted those things So bad! They look really neat and I can't Wait to try them! (Thank you so much I Am Not Superwoman, for hosting a great giveaway!)

Then, I took the coupons that I clipped from Sunday's paper, the knowledge I'd gained from the internet and my shopping list and headed to Walgreens. (More on this tomorrow.)

After all the shopping I came home, J went to work and I did dishes and laundry and cleaned up a bit. During all this housework I kept my eye on the TV. The storms in Oklahoma City yesterday were just Awful. And later on they had moved into Dallas. They were getting closer.

My MiL and SiL showed up around 7 pm or so. They were dropping J's cousin off at her home and were planning on just stopping in to say hello and continuing to their home however the weather had other plans.

It had been pretty mild here, no storms, just some patchy clouds and a breeze most of the day. The weather did say that we would be getting a thunderstorm but they didn't say anything about weather warnings.

Not until about 8 or so. Then the weather report changed to "Tornado Watch." I still wasn't very worried. You see, everytime we have a storm here we're under at tornado watch. It's normal. 

We continued to watch the weather reports. Dallas was getting worse and the radar was tracking right to us. Soon the sky was Lighting up and the thunder was rolling. Then, the "Tornado Watch" turned into a "Tornado Warning." We don't get a lot of those.

I watched the radar and after all the storms all day I was getting a little nervous. We do not have a basement. The only place we can go during a storm is pretty much the middle of the apartment.

Finally we called the police station and asked about tornado shelter. He told us the courthouse was open for a shelter so we quickly piled in the car and headed there.

When I told my MiL that I had called the police station and he told us to go to the courthouse she went into hyperdrive mode. "OK, let's go!" SiL started freaking out and flying around grabbing her things and running out the door. They freaked the poor Kiddo out and he was crying "Mommy!" I felt so bad for him. I remained calm though.

I kind of thought we They might be overreacting and we probably would be safe at our place but better safe than sorry I suppose.

Anyway, we went to the courthouse and sat (Bored) until the storm passed. Turns out we would have been safe at home. I wish I would have stayed at home. Haha.

I'm just VERY thankful everyone was safe and we didn't have to deal with a tornado. (That I know of, actually I'm not sure if one touched down near us or not.)

Before all the tornado stuff I was on Facebook and found that my friend had posted on my wall saying "You won something from Forever Folding Laundry too!"

Well, because I had been shopping and cleaning and doing laundry all day I hadn't made it to read any blogs and had no idea! So I ran clicked over there and sure enough! I won a Very cool Q&A journal! (Thank you, Keri! I can't wait for the journal! Fun!)

And after ALL that I collapsed into my bed and went right to sleep!

Haha, Sorry this post has been so long! It was originally longer but I moved some to tomorrow! You're welcome!

P.S. Today is Towel Day! Happy Towel Day! Always remember your towel and DON'T PANIC!!

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C. Beth said...

I haven't carried a towel all day. I feel ashamed of this. :)