Monday, May 30, 2011

Driving in Circles

Last week we spent a couple days at MiL's house. J had two days off in a row so we decided to go visit.

Wednesday night J and BiL decided they wanted to go do something. I also wanted to hit a few stores so we decided that I would drop them wherever they wanted to go and I would take the car and shop.

After I dropped them off SiL showed up where they were and they got a ride home from her. Which left me to finish up my shopping and head back to MiL's. Sound simple, right?

We used to live there, were I was driving around. However, we haven't lived there in a Years and since we left they've been attempting to improve the roads. (SO not an improvement yet!!!!) There is construction EVERYWHERE!!! The roads are all turned around and closed with detours EVERYWHERE!

I was already in an awful, don't mess with me if you value your existence mood a sort of cranky mood. It was so late when we finally got to the shopping area I didn't get to go to the mall. All I did was hit Target. (Where I bough a Hershey bar, inhaled it and wished I would have bought two.) I did get a season of How I Met Your Mother for $12.99 so that was nice.

Since it was so late and everything was closed by the time I left Target it was time to go back to MiL's. I got a bit worried because I realized the construction was everywhere and I might not know how to get back.

I started going the way I knew, only to run into construction. I panicked thinking I had gone the wrong way and was going to have to go 30 minutes out of my way to get back on the correct highway. However, it turned out there was a little turn around right in front of me. I took it. I felt better now heading back the way I knew was right. Then, More construction! I drove right past my exit. There was no warning that it was coming. Just the exit and THEN the sign. By the time I realized I missed it I was WAY far past it. So I got BACK on the original road that I thought was going to take me miles outside of town and used that little turn around again.

Back into more construction. I was trying to watch for the exit this time. Again, WHY is there NO WARNING??? Why is there and exit and THEN the sign??? Do I even have to tell you that I missed it again???

Back around to the first area of construction, back around the little turn around, back into the other construction. By this time I was sooooo upset I was in tears, trying to drive. It didn't help that it was dark either.

This time I drove about 30 mph through that second batch of construction to make sure I didn't miss that stupid (yes, I said stupid) little exit.

I eventually made it back to MiL's. What night!

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