Monday, May 16, 2011

To Pre-School or Not To Pre-School

Agh! Help! WHEN did my Kiddo get this old? (Actually if he was born three weeks earlier he could go to Kindergarten this year. *Sigh*)

I am currently sitting here with a Pre-School application in front of me and I'm stressing.

I would just forget about pre-school altogether (I never went and I turned out OK) but I know my Kiddo. I know that he needs to get a feel for some classroom structure before he heads to Kindergarten and begins to terrorize his teachers.

I did find one Pre-school that I would Love for him to be able to attend but it's really expensive and we just can't do it. Not even close.

What I really didn't want was a five day schedule. I would much rather him go for just a couple days a week. I mean the Kid's going to be in school for a LONG time! Why add an extra year? But, the only places I can find around here (My town is pathetic!) are five days a week.

We went in to pick up an application the other day and he got very excited when he saw all the kids. He's been asking to go to Pre-school ever since.

So now, here I sit filling out this application and not really feeling peace about but not really knowing What else to do!

Mommies! I need your help! Pre-school success stories? Pre-school failure stories? Yea and Nay votes for Pre-school.

P.S. I feel very disconnected and as though I've been rambling. I apologize for that.


C. Beth said...

Don't apologize for rambling! That's sometimes just how we work stuff out.

I am not a pro- or anti-preschool mom. I think every family is different.

I would say, if your only options are 5 days and you aren't comfortable with that, maybe check out alternatives? Things like a gymnastics or martial arts class 1-2 days a week...something structured that would give him some classroom experience but be in your comfort zone and budget.

kendrasue said...

We are not able to send Leo to an actual pre-school because it is 1/2 day and we both work full-time so that is not an option because of transportation. The daycare he goes to now at least has a classroom structure though so he is getting some sort of structure.

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

We have been looking into preschool options for Ian too. I'm shocked by the cost of most of the programs! The only one we might be able to afford is through a church for a religion we don't belong to. I'm still not sold on Ian going to this program but I really think he would benefit from the structure. Ultimately I think that we will just have to deal with the religious part of their program and send him because due to the cost I'm not sure we could swing it otherwise.
I hope that you can find another option you are more comfortable with for your Kiddo. That feeling of not really liking your options really sucks. *hugs*

I Am Not Superwoman said...

To preschool or not to preschool, that is the question....We have been struggling with this as well for our almost 4 yr old. Currently he goes to gmas a few hours a day with little sister while mom is at work. We have been going back and forth on this too. The older two went to preschool, they are very social and well rounded. I think for our 4 yr old we would or will put him in preschool only because he needs more structure than gma can give him. I don't think going to preschool per se is going to advance him academically because so often preschools are more like a glorified day care, you know what I mean. They offer a little bit of "teaching" but often times no more than they already know or get at home. I guess if you can afford it and kiddo is excited about it, go for it. I think whatever works for you and kiddo is all that matters. (Sorry I probably wasn't much help)

Stacy Uncorked said...

We had the same conundrum when Princess Nagger reached 'preschool age' - and were shocked at the funky days/hours and especially the prices.

We decided not to send her to preschool - we didn't see the need to, and since she was never in daycare, the preschools in our area seemed more like glorified daycare. She liked to play school, so she and I would have fun with letters, numbers, math, the time she started Kindergarten, she already knew everything they were going to teach her. She's a social butterfly (even with being an only child), so she didn't have a problem integrating into a classroom with other kids - she actually behaves better for teachers and aunts and uncles and friends in authority than she does for us sometimes! LOL!!

Luckily she had an awesome Kindergarten teacher who saw how advanced she was, and she made sure to give her higher level work to make sure she didn't get bored. Now she's in second grade and is in the Gifted Program doing higher level work for things like reading, math, spelling...she could easily skip a grade (especially since she's already doing a grade level ahead in work) but they apparently don't do that like they used to (I think it's part of the No Child Left Behind thing...I wrote a post about it - and lamented about the kids being kept behind because of not wanting to single kids out good or bad).

So basically what it boils down to is what you are comfortable with for your child - but at least you know it's not absolutely necessary for your kiddo to go to preschool, he sounds like he's rarin' to go like Princess Nagger was at the time, and she's doing quite well without the pre-education, so I bet he'd be fine without it, too! ;)