Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Nap

The other day I tried to take a nap. It went something like this:

I go to my bedroom and lay down. I'm cold but my bed is made and I don't want to unmake it. So I go get a throw from the living room. Then, back to my bedroom.

Kiddo: Mom, my TV won't work.

I go fix the unruly TV then I go back to my bed.

A few minutes pass.

Kiddo: Mom!

J: Mom is trying to sleep.

I close my eyes.

Kiddo: Mom! I want a pop tart.

I go get the Kiddo a snack and lay back down.

A loud CRASH from the other room!

I jump out of bed and run to the dining room. Broken (plastic) vase on the floor. Pieces and water all over. J cleans up pieces I clean up water.

I go back to my room and lay down.

Kiddo comes in and lays down next to me.

Me: If you're going to lay here you must be still.

 Kiddo: OK

A very few minutes pass.

Kiddo (Whispering): I have to go potty.

Me: Well, then go potty.

Kiddo goes potty and comes back.

Me: Now be still, OK?

Kiddo: OK

A few more minutes pass.

Kiddo: I have to go poo poo.


Me: Well, then go.

Kiddo goes potty once again.

Kiddo: Mommy, I need your help.

I go to help the Kiddo and then we both go to lay back down.

Minutes pass.

Kiddo: I want to hug Daddy.

Me: Then go hug Daddy but don't come back in here I'm trying to sleep. If you want to lay here hug Daddy when we get up.

Kiddo goes to hug Daddy.

An alarm on Rupert begins to sound.

J: Your phone is ringing.

I, thinking my phone is ringing, make it to the living room in time for the Kiddo to turn the alarm off.

I go back and lay down.

I look at the clock.

A few minutes pass.

I get up.

Such a restful nap!


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

Pretty much how a nap would go in my house too so I feel your pain. The only time I can nap is if I fall asleep with Ian and we nap together. Otherwise my trying to rest makes him suddenly very needy and unable to sleep. It is like he can sense it. From his bedroom, asleep, he can tell I finally finished the dishes and sit down to read. That is the moment he cries out for clockwork.

C. Beth said...

Oh my gosh, BOY do I relate to this!!! I think at this age Chickie MIGHT be able to take a nap with me, but I've had enough bad experiences with that, that I don't event try anymore! :)