Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming . . . Home?

I walked in my front door last night after being away visiting family for about three and a half weeks. This was at about Two o'clock this morning. If you saw my Twitter post it went something like this: FINALLY HOME. And also #AreYouKiddingMe and #NotCool.

The first week I was in PA J was with us and we had a house sitter.

This house sitter was very nice and Spring cleaned my house. It was very nice of them.

Also, they rearranged my house. Not as nice. I'm so very upset. EVERYTHING is moved to different places.

My living room, the Kiddo's room, my kitchen cabinets. Things are not where I left them. I don't know where they've gone. The Kiddo is upset because he can't find some of his things either.

I'm just dumbfounded. I really really do appreciate the wonderful cleaning but it's sort of not cool to rearrange someone elses life while they're away.

This is the nicest I could muster for this post because I really am upset.

Now, I want to put my place back the way it used to be. However, there is One Thing that J likes and I don't know HOW to leave it where it is without leaving it ALL this way and and I just want it back!

I was supposed to come home from vacation to my house and instead it's like I'm in someone else's house. I'm glad to be home but I'm in an awful mood. *Sigh*

I need coffee and chocolate and some more coffee and chocolate.


Melinda said...

I can't believe someone would actually rearrange a home that was not their own. I would be livid too. Change it back and make it very clear to whoever did it that it is very much not ok, but you appreciate the sentiment.

C. Beth said...

Wow, that would frustrate me SO much!! I can't imagine someone reorganizing my house without my permission! I'm sorry. :(

I Am Not Superwoman said...

That is kind of weird. What would give them any indication that, that was acceptable to do? Clean, great. Rearrange, no. Have you talked to them? The house sitters through a company or friends?

Stacy Uncorked said...

That is crazy! Nice that they did spring cleaning, yes - but to rearrange furniture and cupboards? That's insane! Are they OCD, maybe? Couldn't house-sit unless the furniture and other things are in a specific order? All the times I've house sat for people in the past, the thought never crossed my mind to rearrange anything - clean and do laundry, yes. Maybe I'm just lazy - rearranging furniture is a lot of work! LOL!!