Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prayer Works

Before we went to Pennsylvania my Dad's truck broke down.

It was a real bummer while we were there because we didn't always have a way to get around. (Which led to him renting a car, which led to us leaving the Kiddo's Leapster Explorer in the rental car, which led to the Explorer being stolen, which led to a VERY cranky Mommy and a very sad Kiddo.)

So the Kiddo and I started praying that Grandpa would find a vehicle. Well, a few days ago my Dad called me to tell me he was on the way to Michigan to pick up a truck that he bought.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. We were in the car on the way to church and J's cousin was with us. She was in the back seat with the Kiddo and he was going on and on about our trip to Pennsylvania.

He said "Grandpa used to have a red truck but then it broke. But then Jesus sent him a black truck!"

It was so sweet to hear him give the credit to God. After all, we were praying that God would provide a truck for Grandpa.

Fast forward to Thursday around three o'clock. My phone rings. My Dad is on the other end. He said "Please pray. Mars is missing." (Mars is my Dad's dog.)

I asked what happened and he said that the fence was down in the back and he just got out and apparently ran away. Dad also pointed out that not only was it storming (something that scares my Dad's HUGE DOBERMAN, he's such a baby.) but it was also rush hour. 

My Dad lives on a VERY busy hill with cars and trucks flying up and down (once a drunk driver was driving down the hill my Dad lives on. He ran off the road, hit a bank and went airborne, landing half on the roof of my Dad's house before falling off.) at crazy speeds.

Anyway, he asked that we pray that Mars would be safe, first, and then that he would be found.

When I hung up the phone I went right to the Kiddo's room. I explained that the dog was missing. Then I asked what happened when we prayed for Grandpa to get a truck and the Kiddo responded that he got a truck. So I asked "What do you think we should do about Mars?"

The Kiddo suggested we pray. So, he sat in my lap and we prayed that Mars would be safe and Grandpa would find him. Then, I came back into the living room.

About six minutes later (no joke) my phone rang. My Dad said "I should have called you first!"

I said "You found him?" And he confirmed that he had, in fact, found the dog! I was so glad!

I'm so thankful, not only that I know that God answers prayer but that my Kiddo also knows. :)


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

That is so awesome that your son got a chance to experience the power of prayer.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

That is sweet. And I agree, prayer does work. I witness it everywhere. Keep encouraging your son to walk with the Lord and he will provide.

The Save at Home Mom said...

I LOVE this! I think how much it will boost the faith of your Kiddo! So encouraging!

C. Beth said...

Very cool--and the simple faith of children is awesome. :)