Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

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1. Skipped TKD last night because my instructor hurt her arm and she wasn't there. Her Husband was filling in for her. I'm not a fan of his teaching. He sort of makes me nervous. Also, he tends to assume we know a lot more than we do. (Or at least than I do.) Anyway, I hope she's better SOON!!

2. My Mom called me last night to tell me that she was in her basement because of tornado warnings there. She lives where they NEVER have tornadoes. There's too many mountains around there for tornadoes. So weird!

3. Today I plan to have some me time. J doesn't go to work until 3 this afternoon. So, this morning I'm going to do some shopping. Maybe I'll get some breakfast or a "designer" coffee. Who knows!

4. I tried Greek Yogurt for the first time last night. The texture is like sour cream. Every time I dug my spoon into it I though "sour cream" which made it taste off when I put it in my mouth and it was sweet. I can't explain it but I don't like it. I think too much to be able to enjoy Greek yogurt.

5. I mentioned I'm going shopping today. I didn't mention I'm going to Walgreens to try out some coupons! It's my first time and I'm a little nervous. I'm hoping it all goes smoothly and I score myself some deals!

6. You want Random? I've got random. How's this? I LOVE Sean Bean!

7. I think we're going to MiL's tomorrow to hang out. J has off Wednesday and Thursday so we're going to visit. What's really amusing is that MiL is coming Here today to drop J's cousin off. She lives right down the road and has been spending a few days at MiL's house. I guess we'll be traveling to her place caravan style.

8. I must go shop now. Coupons, Coffee, Gasoline! I'm going to spend some money! (Not all of this spending will make me happy though.) Where's that Coffee????


Anonymous said...

I didn't like Greek yogurt at first either but once I got flavors I love, I can never go back to that thin stuff again! Happy Tuesday.

Cathy Kennedy said...

All this talk of Greek yogurt. I hear about this alot lately. I will have to give it a shot. I'm not a big yogurt person, but I'll try anything once...well almost anything. =D

Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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VandyJ said...

I like greek yogurt. It does taste a bit different but once I was used to it the other stuff was thin and way to sweet.

Krystal said...

Greek yogurt huh? I can barely muster the normal stuff now they go and change it on me? Gees!

Kristine said...

I agree with you on the texture of Greek yogurt. I just stick to plain old vanilla. I just use it for smoothies anyway.

Have an awesome random Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I had the same first reaction to Greek yogurt as you did - but now I love it and won't go back to 'regular'. I guess it can be added to that 'acquired taste' category. ;)

Yay for shopping and scoring some deals! So...did you? ;)

Sean Bean is awesome - and so are you rockin' the random rebellion with me again! ;)

Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, and I'm a Winner - or is that Wine-r?

The Save at Home Mom said...

Hubby always eats greek yogurt! It has more protein than reg. yogurt!

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh, I love Greek Yogurt! It's so yummy. James Bond just tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and now is in love with it. You should give it another try and stop thinking about sour cream.
I'm a day late, so I hope you enjoyed your shopping!