Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Ten - Stores

Top Ten . . .

An occasional post listing my Top Ten . . . Whatever's appeals to me. I don't think it will be a weekly thing. Possibly a bi-monthly thing or more likely a whenever the heck I want thing.

Now, what kind of Top Ten lists can I make? Top Ten movies? Top Ten cereals? Top Ten ice cream flavors? I could really have fun with this!

I think I shall start with my Top Ten Stores. This list will not include Internet retailers or restaurants. That's for another list. :)

1. Walmart
      Of course this is my favorite store. They normally have good prices and a good selection of products. They also happen to be the only big store anywhere close to me.

2. Dollar Tree
      Cheap and cute! Sure you end up with junk sometimes but occasionally you can find some great deals there.

3. Hobby Lobby
      So. Much. Fun. I have an awful time going into Hobby Lobby and not buying anything. They're awesome for seasonal items and they provide great ideas for crafts for my Sunday School Kiddos.

4. Ross
      Often they have Great clothes for great prices! I've found some of the cutest things there. I can spend forever in that store because the selection is so huge.

5. Bed, Bath and Beyond
      While this store can be a bit expensive I just love to walk around and look at everything. If I had an unlimited budget I would probably decorate my house from that store. And all the kitchen stuff?? Love!

6. Victoria's Secret
      I usually can't afford them either but they have one thing I can't get anywhere else. Love Spell Perfume. I love Love Spell Perfume from Victoria's Secret. I discovered it in college and I've never found another kind that I like even half as much.

7. Target
      I don't really get to Target that often and too be honest they're a bit pricey for me. However, there's that area, right when you walk in the door. You know the place. The dollar section. I love that part of Target! Also, Target tends to have good deals on Movies and TV shows on DVD.

8.  Thrift Stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops)
      I'm not picky. I don't need NEW clothes. I just need new to me clothes. :) And if I can get new to me clothes in good shape for inexpensive prices I'm a happy person.

9. Hallmark
      How can you not love Hallmark? Sure, they're pricey but they have so many great gifts. Also, two words: Christmas Ornaments.

10. Barnes and Noble
      To be honest, I don't buy books in stores. I don't usually buy movies or music in stores either. I can find better prices online. There's just something about a book store that I love. Grab a coffee, grab a book, sit in a corner and read. Good way to spend some time.

This concludes the first Top Ten post in what I'm sure will be a series. What are your favorite stores?

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Jessica said...

#8 has to be my fav!!!! you know how many goodies i can find there!
#7 target- oh how i love my target. was there today. got a preggo shirt for $2.25
#2 never really cared for the dollar store until little-bit came along. Now she wants everything. Also the place i went today!

those are my favs from your favs :)