Thursday, April 14, 2011

HGotW: Tim Hutton

Like last week I was going to wait until the new season of Leverage premiered to post this weeks Hot Guy but I just couldn't wait.

In case you haven't notice "Hot" around here can be interpreted many different ways. Hot, Cute, Sexy, Adorable, Drool Worthy, etc. So, if one of our guys doesn't strike you as "hot" maybe he falls into one of these other categories.

I know I saw this weeks guy before Leverage but I don't think I could tell you where. And, to be honest when I first watched Leverage I was all about Christian Kane. However . . . It didn't take long before I noticed that other guy!

Oh my word! And his voice and his hair and he's just so . . . *Sigh*

And just so I'm not thought of as totally shallow I have to say this guy is a great actor! (He won an Oscar, for crying out loud!) Leverage is lots of fun, of course but there are other things that he's done that are really good as well.

I enjoyed Five Days to Midnight at lot. (I LOVE the chemistry he has with Kari Matchett and I really wish she were on Leverage more!) I also really liked Beautiful Girls. It took me FOREVER to watch that movie because I was totally afraid I was going to be grossed out but I wasn't. It's a good movie.

Oh, enough talk!

Tim Hutton

Seriously, that hair. I really want to play with it. (No, I am Not creepy!)

Although, I must say I do wonder sometimes what these people would think if they stumbled on my blog one day and I was all "drooly" about them. Creeped out? Flattered? Calling the lawyer for a restraining order?

I was going to go with a different lady today but I thought I would keep the Leverage theme going. So, my choice for today is . . .

Beth Riesgraf

Beth just seems so sweet. I love watching interviews and reading her Twitter. She is also a very talented photographer.

Together . . .

You can follow both Tim and Beth on Twitter here: @TimHutton and @BethJRiesgraf

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