Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! I'm hooking up with the Random Rebels over at Stacy's place while we wait for Keely to get all her relaxing in! :) Click the box and link-up!!


1. The Kiddo is sick again! What the heck?! He had a fever but we killed it with Tylenol. Now, he's coughing. Maybe because of the change in location? (air, water, etc.) I have no idea.

2. J's flying home today. It doesn't seem like we've already been here a week! The Kiddo and I are staying for a couple more weeks.

3. J's flight was delayed about fifty times due to weather! He's going to miss his connecting flight in Chicago! I hope they get him another flight home that's not too much later.

4. Destination Truth mid season finale is on tonight. I Love This Show! I really wish they had a few more episodes per season!

5. I haven't had Diet Coke in days! I'm going into withdrawal. I'm drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi right now. NOT the same!!!

6. I have the option of going back to Philly on Saturday Just to hang out for a couple hours while my Dad goes to check out a car for sale. I'm considering it. If the weather will cooperate that is. I didn't get to go to Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell while we were there Thursday. I've seen them both before but it's been years.

7. My cousin (Who's like my sister) told me to download Flood-It on Rupert. Now I'm addicted. Then she said "You need more games. Get Angry Birds." Then I downloaded Angry Birds. *Sigh*  She's a bad influence.

8. I'm having a Tiny Little Giveaway. I'll introduce it tomorrow. It's my first so it really is only little but it's something that I like. I wouldn't give away something I wouldn't want myself. So, check in tomorrow for a little giveaway! (Open to US residents only because I'm not sure of all the details regarding overseas/across the border shipping.)

I think that's enough. I'm not sure anyone will even read this since it's soooo late!

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Poor Kiddo - hope he's feeling better soon!

The weather's been crazy all over! Hope J's flight didn't end up being too late! :)

I downloaded Angry Birds yesterday - it sure is addicting, isn't it? :)

Thanks so much for playing along and being a rebel with me! :)

RTT Rebel Week 4