Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Random Tuesday Thoughts by Keely is still on Hiatus but that won't stop the rebels! We're linking up over at Stacy's place. Feel free to join us! Click the box!


1. The Kiddo was sick a few days last week! I don't like him to be sick but if he HAD to be sick I'm glad it was LAST week and not today because we're getting on an airplane today and THAT would be bad!

2. We're getting on an airplane today! Two PM flight! Excited! (Although, I hate the airport!)

3. Does anyone know how to blog from a phone? Like, can I text or e-mail a post? Or is there an app for that?? An app that I can write a post with and post it? Maybe along with a picture? Or do I just need to go to the web on the phone and do it from there?

4. I have a friend. (A few actually, don't look so surprised.) Anyway, this particular friend is The thriftiest person I know with amazing Amazon skills. She has a Gorgeous little girl (who was born 3 mo. premature but is doing amazing now at 16 mo.) and another baby on the way! I've been after her to start blogging for a while now and she Finally did! Please check out her blog! The Save At Home Mom

5. Saw a Really Neat idea for Easter at Our Life in a Click. A yarn maze, leading to an Easter basket! So cool! Totally planning on using that!

6. I hope that while I'm in Pennsylvia I don't forget all my TKD! I guess I'll need to take some time to practice while I'm there. I'm so self conscious though . . . I'll have to hide somewhere so no one can see me! lol

7. I'm going to Pennsylvania today!!!!! (At least that's the plan!!!!!!) I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Did I say that already? Oh well! There it is again!!!

8. Thursday (At least this is the plan) we're going to Philadelphia. J wants to see the art museum. Something to do with Rocky . . . I hate that movie . . . Anyway! After (before?) that we're heading to the Franklin Institue for some fun. I think the Kiddo will love it! I haven't been there since I was Little. Like, really little. I'm excited!

9. Monday night the stereos were stolen out of both our car and our truck. I'm SO CRANKY! Apparently it happened ALL over our town! Those were NICE stereo/CD players! However, I am thankful that thats all that was stolen and we're all safe. But I want my stereo back!

I think that's enough random for today. I hope you all have a great day!!


Raven said...

I would die without my car stereo.

Sorry, I have no idea how to blog from a phone. My phone doesn't have internet (cuz I'm still a dinosaur apparently) so I'm not hip on those cool apps.

Have fun on your trip!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Sorry about all the rain happening for your Pennsylvania trip - but at least you'll be warm and dry at the museums! Be sure to go to the Dinosaur Hall - that's Princess Nagger's favorite place! :)

Glad your little one is feeling better - that would suck if he were sick on a plane!!

If I remember correctly, you can blog from your phone to Blogger - you have to turn on that feature in Blogger and sync your phone. I bet if you have a SmartPhone there's probably an app for that as well. ;)

Ugh! Seems the car stereo thieves are rampant - it happened here locally, too. Luckily not here here, but in PA, too. Hope you get replacements soon - driving in silence is never fun!

Thanks for the shout-out and linking up! Have a safe (and fun) trip! :)

"My Post" - RTT Rebel

Call Me Cate said...

In Blogger, click "Settings" and "Email & Mobile". You can set up an email account to send posts to (which I've done before and it works well). You can also set up your phone, which I haven't used.

Hope you have a safe trip! We'll be heading for northern PA/southern NY next month.

VandyJ said...

Have a great trip. Not really a Rocky fan either, but I bet if we went Hubby would want to got there too.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

Have fun! I think those steps where the ones that Rocky ran up and down when he was training...lol...I think.