Monday, April 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday! (On Monday!) III

For the past couple weeks I've been linking up over at Ramblings and Photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I'm going to link up this week too! I'm not sure that I'll make it for the next couple weeks since we'll be in Pennsylvania but for today, I'm here!

If you want to know what it's all about grab this box and find out!

The prompts this week were 1. Motion 2. Waiting to Click 3. Fashion 4. Animals Perspective and 5. Many. I've been busy this week so some of these aren't really what I wanted but a couple of them are favorites so I suppose it balances out!

1. Motion
A car in definite motion. I snapped this one riding along the freeway. In case you couldn't guess this is not one of my favorites. It is, however, one of my last minute photos!

2. Waiting to Click

You have to wait for that perfect time when snapping a sunset. Not too high, not too low.

3. Fashion

Another one of my least favorites. Not exactly very "fashionable" but lots of clothes! I was working on packing for our trip and snapped a quick picture.

Stay tuned. The next two I really like!

4. Animals Perspective
I. Love. This. Picture.
Taking a picture from an animals perspective was interesting. This is what it must look like to a cat or a dog when you are about to pet it. I even did the black and white because of the "Dog's are color blind" thing. (Who decided that anyway? Did someone interview a dog??)
Anyway, this is my favorite of this week!!

5. Many

The Kiddo has tried to pack his rock collection to take to show Grammy more than once now. I told him that there was no way those rocks were getting on the plane but we would take a picture to show Grammy. So, here it is. The Kiddo's rock collection. Many many rocks!

So, that's it for this weeks scavenger hunt. Like I said, I was a bit lazy with a couple of these but for me the "Animal's Perspective" picture makes up for it. I really love that one!

I hope you have a great day!!


Ashley Sisk said...

Have fun on your trip - I love your waiting to click shot and animal perspective!

Jen said...

love the rock arrangement! we have WAY to many rocks in our home brought in by kiddos!

Jessica said...

I will have to say the "waiting to click" pic looks professional! you did an awesome job!!!! <3 have fun back home!