Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kissing the Blarney Stone

If you've been reading this blog for a bit you probably know that I'm a big fan of Ireland.

I want to visit Ireland more than I want to visit anywhere else on earth! It's been a desire of mine for years and years and years. My best friend and I talked about it for a bit but life happened and the trip didn't. I admit, I was disappointed. Even though I was pretty sure from the beginning that we weren't actually going to make it there.

I've often thought of what I would do there if I got to go. What things I would put on my "Must Do In Ireland" list?

A visit to a castle? Definitely! Lunch in a pub? A must! Kissing the Blarney stone? Of course!

This was my list until I talked to my Mom . . .

While at work one day she met a man and they began to talk. He told her that his Mom was from Ireland and she would tell them all sorts of stories. My Mom, of course, informed him that I have always wanted to visit there.

Then he told her the story of the blarney stone! He said his Mom told them the story of when she was younger, her young male friends would go to the blarney stone . . . and PEE ON IT!! (Ick! Gag! Gross!!) Then, they would stand back and watch as the people lined up to kiss it.


He did tell my Mom that this was a long time ago when his Mother was younger. He also said he was pretty sure there were still kids today that found this sort of entertainment amusing.

Moral: Don't kiss the blarney stone unless A. you're REALLY brave or B. you take your own disinfectant! Maybe both!


Call Me Cate said...

My husband kissed the blarney stone on his first trip there. I've never been to that area of Ireland but I found that whole idea a bit unhygienic. I've been to Ireland twice now - once to Dublin and once to a very rural more quaint area in the northwest. On one of those trips we also went to Galway and Cliffs of Moher (which we could not see due to the blasted fog). If we get back again, I'm dying to see Giant's Causeway.

Anonymous said...

I'd still totally do it JUST to say I did. :) said...

We heard that story too but it didn't stop anyone!