Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! Time for some Random Thoughts! If you want to play click the Random box below and join the fun over at Keely's blog!


1. Saw Percy Jackson last night. Sean Bean is a god. Literally. He didn't have near enough screen time. He never does. But it was nice seeing him on the big screen (that's so rare) and he looked Good! Especially the scene in the beginning. *Smile*

2. J got me two seasons of Bones on DVD for Valentine's Day. Perfect gift!

3. Looking forward to traveling home to Pennsylvania in a month or two. Haven't seen my family since last Easter. FAR too long!

4. I LOVE the Olympics! So much fun and Patriotism. Just love them.

5. The season finale of Leverage is tomorrow night. This makes me sad. TNT's scheduling is ridiculous. I also think that they need more episodes in a season.

6. The bright side to number 5 is that Wednesday nights will now be clear for Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth (I really enjoy watching Josh Gates. Very funny.) which both start in March.

7. I don't play Farmville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, Fish Tank or really anything like that on Facebook. WHY do people insist on sending me things for these games!? Go away!

8. I bought the World's Most Comfortable Pants Ever at Walmart the other night. They now have a bunch of stuff out for St. Patrick's Day (My second favorite Holiday after Christmas) and they have AWESOME lounge kind of pants that say Guiness on them. They also have Elmo and Kermit the Frog ones. Highly recommeneded SOOO Comfy!

9. Happy Pancake Day! We had purple pancakes here. I love food coloring!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Have a great Random Tuesday!


I am Harriet said...

There is something patriotic about the Olympics.

Have a great RT.

VandyJ said...

We also enjoy the olympics. The winter ones more than the summer ones. Easier the watch-more exciting.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I totally agree on #7 - I've blocked all Facebook updates that have anything to do with Farmville and the likes. I really don't care if someone found a purple pig on their farm...enough said..