Thursday, February 18, 2010

HGotW Has Been Delayed

Thursday is supposed to be HGotW day. Sorry about the delay, but I'll bring you this weeks Hot Guy tomorrow.

I had every intention of doing it last night but then life happened and it got postponed. So now I intend to bring you a Hot Guy post tomorrow.

I have one particular guy in mind but I know that while some people find him Very Sexy others just find him old and unappealing. (I'm in the finding him very sexy crowd. Duh, right?)

There are a couple of these kind of guys. I've tried, mostly, to deliver guys that I think will be appealing overall. I might just throw in a few of those guys that I just happen to think are really sexy (even though I know that there are others out there who look at me like I've lost my mind.)

I'm also open to suggestions . . . ?

Anyway, tonight my church is having a get together with all the ladies. I hope it's a fun time, not that I'm driving all the way out there and I'm bored. Come on girls, lets have some fun!

Talk about an all over the place kind of post. Have a great day!

1 comment:

Autumn in jeans said...

I'm sure you'll have fun tonight!! Hot guys always get put on hold for life, it's part of the reason they're fun to look at but that's about it lol