Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creature of the Night (Book Five)

I finished another book Monday night. Well, it was actually very early Tuesday morning. Either way, it's done.


Creature of the Night
Kate Thompson

1 out of five stars . . . maybe .5 out of five stars.

This book is listed as youth fiction. Therefore the language and themes shocked me. Many uses of the "F word" which in a regular book wouldn't be anything special but in a youth book? Not too mention the many many references to and scenes of drug use and smoking by a Fourteen year old and his 18 year old buddies. I suppose I should also mention the physical and verbal abuse of a four year old that's all over here too.

This book made me sad.

While it's credited with being "Brilliantly written" and a "Gripping thriller" and the author is given many Kudos as to how "marvelous and magical" her writing is this book is no good.

It doesn't feel like the real heart of the story starts until about fifty pages from the end. What happens then? Does it get really gripping and you're totally into it? Nope, nothing happens. The book ends and you never find out what happened/happens to the characters.

Awful. Avoid this book.

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