Friday, February 5, 2010

Internet and Friendship

I love the internet.

My best friend lives far far far away in the far away (redundant much?) land of Maine.

She's a wonderful friend. We can (and do) talk to each other about EVERYTHING. It's so nice to have someone like that in your life.

It is hard though that she lives so far away. We saw each other for a week back in September and before that we hadn't seen each other since 2004. The "joys" of living so far apart.

However, thanks to the internet (and VERY frequent text messages) we keep in touch every day.

You know what else is great? Even though we're countless states away from each other we can both watch the same movie, at the same time and enjoy chatting about it!

The internet is amazing for girlfriends who live halfway across the country.

Thank you internet. And thank you Rin for being the greatest friend ever!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so as i am whipping the tears away....i have to laugh too...because i feel terrible that i am JUST GETTING over here to read this blog...and its so special...i feel like a TERRIBLE BEST FRIEND....BUT toni knows me!!! :) i love you toni!!! you are such a GREAT FRIEND!! not just a best one..your above that!!! i LOVE having movie nights!! we need to do it MORE!!! internet is such a great thing!!! love u girl!!! miss ya!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONDAY!!! I BETTER CALL..TEXT..EMAIL..INSTANT MESSAGE..ANNNND SEND OUT THE FREAKIN BOX...I HAVE FOR YOU!!! HAHA..