Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! Is anyone feeling Random? Well, if you are then you may click the little box below and pop on over to Keely's blog to read some more Random or participate with your own! Have fun!


1. Going to see When In Rome tonight "with" my friend in Maine. Well, we're both going at the same time but she's going in ME and I'm going here. Silly? Maybe. But still fun. I think I might even get some popcorn. (I never buy popcorn at the movies because the prices are like robbery.)

2. I'm so happy for Anna Kendrick! She's been nominated for an Oscar. For the rest of her life, (if she doesn't win) she'll be "Oscar Nominated Actress Anna Kendrick." (I have the overwhelming desire to write "Take that Kristen Stewart." but I'll try to refrain . . .)

3. Almond Joy Pieces are not near as good as I expected them to be. Still, they're not awful.

4. I want a donut.

5. There are a lot of birthday's in February!

6. Hubby's been going for physical therapy for his knee twice a week. It's an HOUR away! I hate that drive. I'm also running out of things to do while we're there. I think the Kiddo and I are going to check out their library either tomorrow or Friday.

7. Finished an Awful book last night. I'll probably review it tomorrow. I'm still waiting for the library to call me about the other book I have on hold . . .

8. I think I may have asked this before. Has anyone read any James Patterson. I think I may give some of his books a try. (Also is there anyone out there who likes Dan Brown? If so, what other authors would you recommend?)

Have a wonderful Random Tuesday!


Missy said...

Love, love Dan Brown. James Patterson - just ok.

VandyJ said...

I like Dan Brown. The Kurt Austin books by Clive Cussler are good reads for thrillers, also James Rollins does good beach read thrillers.