Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting For A Grade

I love writing. I write all the time (unfortunately not my in blog). My mind makes up stories and I write them down. Sadly, my mind never seems to make up the ending as well. I now have a LOT of unfinished things sitting on my hard drive. I'm proud of most of them but I just wish I would be able to finish something.

Anyway, my best friend, Rin, is taking some online classes and recently, for her history class, she had to write a paper on the role of women in the 1500's.

She sent me a text (we communicate mostly through texts and sometimes all day long) and said "Help me!"

She explained the paper and how she had an idea to begin the paper with a short bit of fiction. Sort of like a day in the life of a woman in the 1500's.

I wasn't sure how I would be able to help until she said fiction. Fiction! I can do fiction! I love doing fiction!

I did a quick google search and soaked up as much information as I could in a few minutes. I had already done a LOT of research regarding a Mr. William Shakespeare (another project that I really hope to finish one day) all of which was in the 1500's. So, I had a bit of background already.

While Rin worked on the research and technical writing I sat down and pounded out a page of fiction for her. I had fun. It was done very quickly due to Rin midnight deadline and I'm sure I could have fine tuned it a bit but I'm overall happy with the result. And, Rin loved it and it was for her paper anyway.

Now, I'm waiting on a grade right along with her! Haha

Below is the short story I wrote. You can read or not, it's up to you. :)

p.s.I hope she's not graded on my bad grammer/punctuation!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

      Lucy laid her journal on the small stand next to her bed. She picked up the dripping candle and tiptoed to the small cradle. Peaking over the side, she checked on her sleeping baby. Smiling, she crawled back into her own bed. It had been four nights now since her 6 month old Rose had slept through an entire night. She prayed, silently so as not to take any chances, that the streak ended tonight.

       Lucy blew out the candle, she had prayed that Rose would stay asleep but that didn't mean she was going to, she wanted to get as much sleep in as she could.

       Her mind had other plans. Instead of sleeping she was going over tomorrow's to be done list. She sighed heavily and gave in to her organizational side.

       Milicent, Mili for short, had become a great help in her daily routine. Whether she was aiding in the cooking or helping to look after Philipa and Jane, her four year old twin sisters, Mili was a willing worker.

       Lucy was thankful for Mili's help. Tomorrow she would set Mili to baking bread and cooking oatmeal, she needed the practice. Lucy smiled to herself thinking of how her Husband's nose wrinkled when he tasted Mili's oatmeal. Yes, she definitely needed practice.

       After breakfast and after her Husband was gone to work and Nathaniel, her 13 hear old son, was off to school, it would be time to clean. Philipa and Jane were old enough to help a bit with the floor scrubbing. It was easier on her back as well and they loved sloshing in the water.

       So many things to be done. She listed them on a mental sheet in her mind.
    • More baking, bread for lunch and dinner. Also an extra two loves for the elderly couple that lived down the lane. They were very advanced in years and her soft-hearted Mili had suggested taking them some food. Lucy loved that girl.
    • Taking time with Philip and Jane, teaching them to read. She was taught to read and she would not have her children ignorant, male or female.
    • Helping Mili with the matching dresses she was sewing for all four of the girls and mending her Husbands work clothes.
    • Tending the garden, Lucy was hoping for some perfect carrots this year.
    • Cleaning. The open hearth in the kitchen made the entire house an inch thick with dust.
    • Scrubbing clothes. Nathaniel was hard on his clothes lately but they did have some delicious fish to show for it.
    • Dinner. Stew, a staple and luckily a favorite among her family.
    • When Nathaniel came home she would send him to chop wood for the kitchen.
    • All of these things worked around Rose's very demanding schedule. Lucy would swear that baby thought she was a princess or something.
    • After dinner, more cleanup and then her favorite time of the day. Her little (was her family still little) gathered around as her Husband read from journals written by his Grandparents. Their stories were wonderful and kept the children (and herself) entertained. She kept her own journals now.
    • Bedtime for the Children. After 1,100 trips to the out house and the water barrel and 1,500 hugs from Mother and Father and prayers that lasted an eternity, she would finally have some alone time with her Husband before it was time for sleep.

       Lucy smiled again thinking of her family's evening routine. Sometimes her children wore her out but she delighted in them.

      A small whine from the cradle next to her bed caused Lucy to hold her breath. Soon the room was quiet again and she exhaled softly before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, worn out just thinking about tomorrow's list.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! Random up with us over at Stacy's blog, as she takes up the mantle from Keely. We really appreciate it, Stacy! Clicky the box and join the fun!

1. No new post since Wednesday??? Bad blogger! Not only that, but I haven't read any blogs either. Fail.

2. Yesterday was my two year blogiversary (Is there a proper way to spell that?) and I didn't even post anything! I thought all day about how I should say something and could think of Nothing! Fail again.

3. Last night my best friend told me she was working on a research paper for an online class and wanted to start with a short piece of fiction. She would then go on to explain her topic from there. She knows where to go for fiction. :) I wrote her a short piece and then went on to help her with edits and rewrites before her 12am deadline. It was a little nerve wracking but SO much fun! I had a blast!

4. Have you seen Cars 2 yet? We haven't but I really want to take The Kid to see it sometime this week.

5. There's a chance I may get to meet one of my online friends in the near future. I've never met, in real life, anyone I've met online. I'm sort of nervous. Haha, don't ask me why. That's just the way I am! :)

6. Fourth of July plans? We don't really have any. We have Third of July plans. :) Sunday evening our church is getting together and shooting off some fireworks. It should be a nice HOT, fun time.

7. I found a Spider Solitaire app on Rupert. Seriously, I used to play that game ALL the time, YEARS ago! I feel nostalgic now when I play.

8. Hey, I have a question. Is it REALLY SO hard to put trash into the trash can? I mean, especially if the trash can is a mere TWO feet away?? Is that Really too much to ask???

9. I wish it would get cooler. I want to go horseback riding. It's just WAY too hot for people and horses out there right now. 

10. Leverage! Leverage is on my TV again! I'm so happy. It's such a fun show with a great cast. I love it. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lego's, Hugs and Kisses

The Kid has a Lot of Lego's. He likes to dump the whole box on the floor and play in the middle of them. This doesn't bother me at all, as long as he cleans them all up.

Last night he was playing in the middle of the Lego field. He said. "Mom, will you help me clean up?

I wasn't doing anything else so I got down on the floor and said "What do I get if I help?

He thought about it for a second and said "I will give you a hug."

That's it? That's what I said. "That's all I get?"

He considered this a bit more and responded with "And a kiss."

"So, I get a a hug and one kiss?" I asked. "Not worth it."

One more time he stopped to think. "I will give you Five kisses."

"Five kisses AND a hug?" I asked. "OK, that's worth it."

So, I helped him clean up his Lego's.

After we were done I told him I expected payment.

He said "You know what time it is now? Time for me to give you kisses!"

He jumped in my lap and payed me in full.

I sure love that Kid!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's that time again! Time to be random! I love being random! Join the fun, you would like. Keely has stepped down for a bit but Stacy has taken up the slack! Grab the box and check out her blog and other random Tuesday blogs!

1. Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law (J's sister), Niece, Nephew and Sister-in-Law's friend were all here and spent a couple night this past weekend. We had a good time. Sunday after church we went to the movies. Most everyone saw Green Lantern. Except I took the Kid and Niece to see Kung Fu Panda 2. (I have no interest in Green Lantern, I don't care how pretty Ryan Reynolds is. Sorry, not really my thing.)

2. Nephew calls his sister "Collie." This is not her name. (Sorry, I'm not going to share her name.) Although, if you stretch your imagination (Stretch Armstrong style) it could be like her name . . . Sort of.

3. Niece calls my Sister-in-Law "Trama." This is not her name. (Sorry, once again, not sharing her real name.) I'm not even sure how this nickname happened. You have to do a bit more stretching to get her real name out of this one.

4. I was laying in bed this morning at 5:30 after J went to work and my brain was going overtime with all the random from this past week. Do I remember any of it now? Of course not.

5. I think my coffee maker is dying. This is a sad sad day. On the bright side - New Coffee Maker!!! (If I can afford it.) I need a 12 cup coffee maker to make pitchers of iced coffee. Anyone have any suggestions on the best kind? Can't be too expensive. The one I have now I've had about 5 years and it's just a 12 cup, non-programmable, Black & Decker, push one button to turn it on and off, coffee maker. It was a wedding gift.

6. I love Pinterest. (I've said this before.) I've found a couple crafts that I'm going to try, as soon as I get to Hobby Lobby again. I'm excited.

7. I want a night out. Just for me. No WAY too LOUD TV's. No squeaking Kid. No one asking for me to get them a can of soda or get them a drink or get them a snack. Just ME! And I don't mean just me going grocery shopping or to the post office. I haven't had a just me night in . . . I literally don't remember the last time.

I think I'm going to shut the random down now. Have a great day everyone!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Milkshake Mayhem

It's SO hot here!

We spent the day in the car/shopping. No a/c in the car so it was HOT!

I thought "Milkshakes sound good!"

So, I asked J, "What kind of milkshake do you want?"

He said "Butter Pecan."

I walked into the ice cream place. I need a Butter Pecan milkshake.

Girl Behind the Counter: We don't have that.

Me: OK, Chocolate then?

Girl goes to make the Chocolate milkshake for J and I begin to scan the boxes of ice cream. About 24 flavors in there, 6 of them have labels. Fail.

Girl brings back J's Chocolate shake.

Me: Do you have Cake Batter?

Girl (looks over boxes): No.

Me: Mint Chocolate Chip?

Girl (Looks again): No.

Me: Then you better tell me what kind you have. (I ask this because like I said, hardly any of them are labeled.)

Girl (Looks at all the boxes): Well, what kind do you want?

Me:  - - - - - - - - - -

Uhh, are you kidding???

Me: Well, I just told you three kinds that I want and you don't have any of them so you should probably tell me what you have.

She still didn't get it. I actually had to point at every box and say "What's that?" about every one.

I don't think she's really cut out for that job.

I eventually settled on a Strawberry Chocolate Chip milkshake. Not what I wanted and probably not a flavor I'll get again.

Oh well, it was an experience!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Last month the Save at Home Mom blogged about making her own laundry detergent. It looked really simple so I decided I would give it a try. I changed her recipe just a tiny bit.

I used:
 - Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda
 - Borax
 - One bar of Fels-Naptha Soap
 - Soap fragrance oil
 - One five gallon bucket

I didn't have any of this stuff on hand so I had to buy it all (including the bucket). That means that this five gallon batch of detergent cost me about $15. The next batch, however, will cost me about $4.

This is So Easy to make!

Grate your bar of soap. (From what I read online you can use any kind of bar soap for this but the scent of the soap will be incorporated into the detergent.)

This was probably the most work I did on this recipe.

When the entire bar was grated it looked like I had a bowl full of shredded cheese.

Add the shredded soap to a pot of water. Heat it on the stove and stir until the soap is dissolved. I recommend adding just a bit of soap at a time until it's all melted.

After the soap is dissolved fill your bucket halfway with hot water and add the soap mixture.

Add one cup of washing soda and half a cup of borax to the bucket and stir until it's all dissolved.

Fill the bucket the rest of way with hot water. Stir.

Let cool.

You don't have to add fragrance but I did. You can use essential oil if you would like or use soap fragrance like I did. I went to Hobby Lobby and found this:

The recipe I followed said about 30 drops of essential oil but since I used this soap scent, after reading the directions, I opted for the the whole bottle. (It was a Small bottle.)

Stir in the scent/oil, cover and let sit overnight.

When you open it the next morning it will be like a watery sort of gel.

I stirred it up, put the lid back on and slid the bucket next to my washing machine.

When I do a load of laundry I just dip it out and toss it in the washer.

I. Love. It.

It works really well and it makes my house smell really good when I'm washing!

Try it! You might like it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Random Tuesday! So thankful to have Stacy carrying on with the random! Link-up over at her place by grabbing the box! Join in, it's loads of fun!

1. I've been a bad blogger this last week. Not very consistent at all. :( Same goes for reading blogs. If I follow your blog and haven't commented for a while it's because I haven't read any blogs in days. I'll get there! (At least I plan on it!)

2. Friday and Saturday one of my cousin's from PA stopped by! :) She was driving through to pick up a friend near Dallas and take her back to PA and she stopped here on the way there and on the way back. It's so nice to see family when we're WAY out here!

3. I watched No Country for Old Men last night. Would someone please explain to me the point of that movie? How frustrating! S P O I L E R S COMING IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!!!!!!!! - - - - We spent an hour and a half following this guy and that money around only to find him dead, shot by some people in a non-scene. Also, I'm not sure why they killed him anyway. Then there was Woody Harrelson, that character was sort of a waste. THEN, What happened to the money!? The point of the whole movie!? Maybe I need to read the book!

4. The acting in No Country for Old Men was great though. I loved Tommy Lee Jones character. He had the best lines. Everyone else was great too, so there's that.

5. Reading The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin for our Twitter Book Club (Jazz Hands Book Club, #jhbc). I'm supposed to be done by Thursday at 7:30c. I'm trying!!! I like it but there are a billion (OK, 16) main characters and I think I should have a chart to keep track of them! Haha.

6. My favorite part of Sesame Street is when the famous person comes to explain the word of the day. :) Bonus points when that person is Jude Law.

7. Can't wait to see Harry Potter! I probably won't go opening weekend though because I would like to be able to choose where I sit and not end up squished between two strangers on the front row. :) My theatre seat in in the back row in the corner. I love it there.

8. My cousin (from up there near the beginning) took season one of Supernatural with her to watch. She'll LOVE it! I can't believe she hasn't seen it! I'm happy for converting another fan. :) (Now, let's just hope my Supernatural season finds it way back here through the mail system.)

9. The Kid is dangerous with a remote control! If he likes that part we watch it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. etc.

10. Random Tuesday is my favorite!

I think that's enough for now. I hope you all have a lovely day!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Dedication

A few months ago some friends had a baby. A little boy with a lot of issues. He's had a number of surgeries already and he's not even six months old. Poor little guy.

However, he's doing MUCH MUCH MUCH better now! And growing like a weed, I must say!

Sunday morning his parent's had him dedicated. It was sweet and I may have cried a bit. They have been through so much with that little dude! God, bless them! I can't imagine being in their situation.

Anyway . . .

Have you ever tried to explain dedication to a four year old?

The Kid: Mommy, what are they doing?

Me: *Thinking face* Umm *More thinking face* Well, they're giving him to God.

The Kid: *Pouty face and very nearly quivering lip*

He though they were going to give the poor little guy away, literally.

Me: No, he's not going anywhere. They're dedicating him.

That's right, Toni, repeat that word he didn't understand in the first place.

Me; *Sigh*

The Kid: Mommy, was I dedicated?

Me: Yup, we had you dedicated.

The Kid: Did you take me to Heaven?

Me: No, Baby, we didn't take you to heaven.

At this point he seemed to lose interest in the conversation. Thank goodness! I didn't know what else to say! lol

I told the baby's Mommy after church. She has a daughter around the Kid's age as well. She said "We had the same conversation with Dee. She wanted to know why we were giving him away already."

I love kids!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

I always end of remembering this fun little link-up the day after. I remember it today and since I didn't have anything else pressing on my mind I thought I would link-up!

1. How many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?

I've been a bridesmaid once, a Maid of honor once and a flower girl once. :)

2.  What’s the last thing your do before you fall asleep at night?

A little TV in bed I guess.

3. You just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?

I am going to Ireland! Going to see some castles and some pubs! Love!

4.  What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I'm not an outdoor kind of person at all. I don't think I have a favorite outdoor activity. Haha. I like Horseback riding but I hardly ever ever get to do it.

5. As a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?

I wanted to work at NASA. I'm not sure what I thought they did there but that's what I wanted to do. No, I didn't end up there. Not even close.

6.  What are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?

An indoor pool? hehe. An office. A large kitchen with a range top stove and an island.

7.  What’s for dinner tonight?

I'm not sure yet. Still thinking about that one.

8.  If someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?

Nothing. Hanging out on the internet probably.

9.  What’s your average monthly water bill?

My water bill and my trash bill are together. I pay an average of $66 a month for water. WAY too much, especially for water that we can't drink!

10.  What do you do to relax?

Write? Run away to the movie all by myself! Haha, my Mom thinks it's silly that I go to the movies alone. I like it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Random Tuesday! I'm linking up at Stacy's for some Random thoughts! If you want to read more random or link-up with your own then grab the box and join the fun!


1. Ray Liotta is creepy. No, seriously, slimy. The guy gives me shivers every time I see him. If I met him in the street I would probably turn around and head the other way. Creepiest. Ever. WAY more creepy than Christopher Walken. To be fair, I've never met Ray Liotta and he might be the sweetest guy ever ever but, I don't imagine I'll ever be close enough to find out. *Shiver*

2. I discovered The Young Riders is available to watch on Netflix Streaming. It's been YEARS since I've seen this show! My youth! I've been rewatching the series and having a fabulous time of it! I'm sort of in love with Jimmy Hickok and I want my own. Please?

3. It's been SO hot around here! It's not even Summer yet! This upsets me just a tad. Summer, summer, go away. I want Autumn. I love Autumn. Birthday party for the Kiddo, Halloween, Trick-or-treat, pumpkins, long sleeves and then Christmas!

4. One thing I do like about Summer. Our theatre's Summer Movie Clubhouse. Once a week they play a movie for the Kiddo. One dollar tickets. We don't go every week because the theatre is pretty far away but we do go sometimes. It's a fun Mommy/Kiddo thing to do.

5. Waiting waiting waiting waiting for my #jhbc (Jazz Hands Book Club) book to arrive. Half the peoples are already done reading it and I haven't even gotten it yet!!! Agh!

6. Jazz Hands Book Club is a little book club a few of us on Twitter started back in March. The first book we read was The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Our current book is The Westing Game. There's still time if you want to play. Like I said, I haven't even received my book yet!

7. My Kiddo was loving some Banana Peanut Butter Smoothies. I decided to get some natural organic peanut butter to make it a bit more healthy. I brought the peanut butter home, stirred it up and tasted it. I like it. It's more peanutty than the other kind. I was worried the Kiddo wouldn't be as into it though. I was wrong! He asked for a taste, then he asked for another taste. Then, he asked for a peanut butter sandwich with the new peanut butter! Surprised and happy.

8. Sunday night at church our Pastor told the Kiddo that he needed to start praying that God would give Mommy a baby brother or sister for him. I immediately thought of this blog post and it's possible I may have growled a little bit at my poor Pastor. :) She laughed at me. (Me? Worried? Who's worried?)

Well, I think that's enough for now. Have a wonderful Random Tuesday!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Friend!

When I was in college I had a roommate. She was sort of a  "wild child." (By the standards of some of the faculty anyway, bleh.) She wasn't always a big fan of the rules (who is?). I personally caught her breaking some of those rules. Haha. I never turned her in. She got caught but it wasn't me. (You hear that? It WAS NOT ME!!!)

She was a super fun roommate. She helped me mess with my hair and pick out clothes to wear. We talked about all kinds of things. Teachers, classes, assignments, family, breaking the rules, boys, sex, we covered it all.

She met a guy in college and she fell in love. I have to admit, I considered them an interesting pair. I never would have looked at them and said "That girl and that guy are going to get together." Never.

But they did. They got together. Then, they got married. Then they had a baby girl. One of THE cutest MOST adorable little girls ever. I am not kidding that kid makes me *Squeee* out loud she's so cute! Now, they're expecting another baby, a boy this time. (Good luck with that one! Haha.)

She's such a good Mommy.

On Facebook I would see my friend post all kinds of interesting things and I started telling her she needed to start a blog. She didn't.

Then, she would post some other neat thing and I would say "You need to start a blog!"

Finally, she did!

She started a blog. The Save At Home Mom

It's a great blog! She's only had it a couple months and you wouldn't believe the stuff I've learned from her already.

The point of this post?

Today is the Save at Home Mom's Birthday! I thought I would write a little post and try to get her some followers for her birthday.

Seriously, this is a quality blog! If I didn't know her at all and I happened upon her blog I would follow it. It's just a huge bonus that I know her personally. Go, look, follow.

Happy Birthday, Save at Home Mom!!! I hope you have a lovely, wonderful day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Saturday already? When did that happen? Anyway, time for some Six Word Saturday. If you're wondering what that is I suggest you grab the box below and head to Cate's place where all will be explained! Have fun!

Mommy Bird, Help Your Kid! Please?

In case everyone is wondering there appears to be a baby bird that has fallen out of it's nest by our shed. Mommy will fly around and attack all who come near but she won't help! Help the baby! Grrrr. I'm so not a fan of birds.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Award? Neat! Thank You!

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! I Am Not Superwoman gave me (and a few others) an award! I've been blogging for two years and this is my first award!

Thank you, I Am Not Superwoman!

I was awarded The Versatile Blogger award! I'm so flattered!

According to the rules I am to tell you seven things about myself and then pass along the award.

OK, here goes . . .

1. I grew up in Pennsylvania. Then I moved to Arkansas, then we moved to Texas, then back to Arkansas and then to Oklahoma (where we are now). I'm still waiting for the move that will take me back north were it's cooler. :) I'm ready to move back to Pennsylvania or to Massachusetts. I Adore Massachusetts and would LOVE LOVE to live there! Anyone have a house they want to give us and a good job for J?

2. Where we live I don't have a lot of friends. There are a few people at church but they all live pretty far away. I live on Twitter (and the internet in general) and I consider the people that I've met there (and here) to be just as much my friends as anyone I've met in real life.

3. My best friend lives in Maine and we haven't seen each other in two years. This is a ridiculous amount of time! I'm so thankful for text messages!!!

4. I used to work for/in the offices of a US Senator. I didn't like it at all. Mostly because of the guy I worked with. (Not the Senator.) I didn't stay there long. My Dad kept telling me I should stay because I could end up working in the White House one day.But I just couldn't handle this guy. I giggled when I heard a couple weeks ago that this Senator will most likely throw his hat in the 2012 Presidential race. My Dad had things to say. Things like "I told you so."

5. I asked the other day if anyone has ever seen any of those legendary, cryptid, mythical, alien creatures . . . I have. I don't say it often because then people think you're a loony toon. I'm not a toon, I promise. I mean even the most credible person could say something like that and people would roll their eyes and I'm a nobody. Imagine President Obama telling you he's seen a pterodactyl? Would you believe him? (For the record, I've never seen a pterodactyl.) :)

6. I Love writing stories. I have a million and one stories sitting on my hard drive that I've started. I have problems finishing them though. Do you know what fanfiction is? When I was younger I was writing fanfiction before I even knew what it was. If a TV show/Movie/Book didn't turn out the way I wanted it too I would rewrite it. Or, if I thought up a little side story I would write it myself. When I got older I discovered fanfiction. I love fanfiction. Does that make me a geek or a nerd or just a loony toon? (Uh oh, maybe I am a toon.)

7. My favorite Bible verse is John 19:30. More specifically the part where Jesus said "It is finished." I don't know how you interpret that verse but I know how I do. I don't think he was just saying life is over or the suffering is done. I think it was Jesus saying It's finished. The price of redemption has been paid. Nothing else needs to be done. Anyone who wants can now experience that redemption. Those are very powerful words to me.

There ya go! Seven (wordy) things about me! Now, I shall present some awards! I believe I should be presenting fifteen awards but I'm going to trim that down a bit to a few less more quality blogs.

I pass this award along to:

My Life As I Know It - I love reading this blog. So many pictures and you can have fun just reading along.

Forever Folding Laundry - More pictures (some of the OCEAN!). She's also very creative. (Also, I won a giveaway there, so bonus points!) :)

C. Beth Blog - Those internet friends I was talking about? She's one of them. (At least on my end! Hehe) :) Check out her versatile blog! Book reviews, recipes, Kids. She's got it all.

Mom in High Heels - She lives in Germany, she LOVES Johnny Depp and she calls her kids Indy and Han Solo. What more could you possibly need????

Days Like This - Another one of those internet friends. :) Her Kiddo is adorable, she's a Pug lover, and she always has her towel! (And thanks to her I not only have my towel, I know what that means!!)

Stacy Uncorked - She makes her own wine, she has a cute daughter AND she picked up the Random Tuesday torch! That last one does it for me! I need my Random Tuesdays!

Check out these blogs! You will undoubtedly find something you like in this great bunch!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm a fan of punctuality. Of course, that doesn't always mean that I'm punctual myself. I Try to be, I do. It just doesn't always work out that way.

I understand if you're late for something. I know things can happen.

If I invite you for a party and you're late, I can deal with that. Not a big deal.

If you're supposed to take me somewhere and we're late, it's OK. I'll live.

If I'm waiting for you to give me a ride and it takes a few extra minutes for you to show up, I'll get over it.

I can deal with most anyone being late.

However . . .

When Mother Nature is late. Then we have problems!

Seriously, Mother Nature? Really? Two WHOLE DAYS late?!?! This isn't like being a few minutes late or anything. I can get over that. No, this is like, you're so freakin' late that I'm sent into freak-out mode.

This is, What the heck am I going to say to J, late! This is, am I ready for this, late! This is, I can't believe you're doing this to me right now, late!

I know two days doesn't sound like much but Mother Nature has always been faithful to me. Always. I don't know what I did to tick her off.

When she finally showed up I didn't know what to think. I had sort of resigned myself to the inevitable.

It was funny. The day before J was cleaning out our storage closet. There sat a half a pack of size one diapers left over from when the Kiddo was itty bitty. J calls me in and says "Are you ever going to use these diapers?"


I'm better now, Mother Nature and I have made up.

HOWEVER, the next time she decides to take a vacation she better well leave me a note or call me or something!!