Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Friend!

When I was in college I had a roommate. She was sort of a  "wild child." (By the standards of some of the faculty anyway, bleh.) She wasn't always a big fan of the rules (who is?). I personally caught her breaking some of those rules. Haha. I never turned her in. She got caught but it wasn't me. (You hear that? It WAS NOT ME!!!)

She was a super fun roommate. She helped me mess with my hair and pick out clothes to wear. We talked about all kinds of things. Teachers, classes, assignments, family, breaking the rules, boys, sex, we covered it all.

She met a guy in college and she fell in love. I have to admit, I considered them an interesting pair. I never would have looked at them and said "That girl and that guy are going to get together." Never.

But they did. They got together. Then, they got married. Then they had a baby girl. One of THE cutest MOST adorable little girls ever. I am not kidding that kid makes me *Squeee* out loud she's so cute! Now, they're expecting another baby, a boy this time. (Good luck with that one! Haha.)

She's such a good Mommy.

On Facebook I would see my friend post all kinds of interesting things and I started telling her she needed to start a blog. She didn't.

Then, she would post some other neat thing and I would say "You need to start a blog!"

Finally, she did!

She started a blog. The Save At Home Mom

It's a great blog! She's only had it a couple months and you wouldn't believe the stuff I've learned from her already.

The point of this post?

Today is the Save at Home Mom's Birthday! I thought I would write a little post and try to get her some followers for her birthday.

Seriously, this is a quality blog! If I didn't know her at all and I happened upon her blog I would follow it. It's just a huge bonus that I know her personally. Go, look, follow.

Happy Birthday, Save at Home Mom!!! I hope you have a lovely, wonderful day!

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