Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! Random up with us over at Stacy's blog, as she takes up the mantle from Keely. We really appreciate it, Stacy! Clicky the box and join the fun!

1. No new post since Wednesday??? Bad blogger! Not only that, but I haven't read any blogs either. Fail.

2. Yesterday was my two year blogiversary (Is there a proper way to spell that?) and I didn't even post anything! I thought all day about how I should say something and could think of Nothing! Fail again.

3. Last night my best friend told me she was working on a research paper for an online class and wanted to start with a short piece of fiction. She would then go on to explain her topic from there. She knows where to go for fiction. :) I wrote her a short piece and then went on to help her with edits and rewrites before her 12am deadline. It was a little nerve wracking but SO much fun! I had a blast!

4. Have you seen Cars 2 yet? We haven't but I really want to take The Kid to see it sometime this week.

5. There's a chance I may get to meet one of my online friends in the near future. I've never met, in real life, anyone I've met online. I'm sort of nervous. Haha, don't ask me why. That's just the way I am! :)

6. Fourth of July plans? We don't really have any. We have Third of July plans. :) Sunday evening our church is getting together and shooting off some fireworks. It should be a nice HOT, fun time.

7. I found a Spider Solitaire app on Rupert. Seriously, I used to play that game ALL the time, YEARS ago! I feel nostalgic now when I play.

8. Hey, I have a question. Is it REALLY SO hard to put trash into the trash can? I mean, especially if the trash can is a mere TWO feet away?? Is that Really too much to ask???

9. I wish it would get cooler. I want to go horseback riding. It's just WAY too hot for people and horses out there right now. 

10. Leverage! Leverage is on my TV again! I'm so happy. It's such a fun show with a great cast. I love it. 


Anonymous said...

I have no July 4th plans but was thinking I should make them. I wonder if everyone will be out of town.

CaJoh said...

Happy Blogiversary Two you! I used my 3rd to try and start blogging again (Doesn't help that I was not writing for over 9 months)

Thanks for your random,

C. Beth said...

Happy blogiversary!! 2 years, awesome!

It's natural to be nervous about meeting an online friend but I don't think you need to be. :)

I Am Not Superwoman said...

Happy Blogiversary! I know bad blogger! Where have you been? Leverage is filmed here in Portland. If you ever come out this way you can watch them film. They film all over the place.