Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Dedication

A few months ago some friends had a baby. A little boy with a lot of issues. He's had a number of surgeries already and he's not even six months old. Poor little guy.

However, he's doing MUCH MUCH MUCH better now! And growing like a weed, I must say!

Sunday morning his parent's had him dedicated. It was sweet and I may have cried a bit. They have been through so much with that little dude! God, bless them! I can't imagine being in their situation.

Anyway . . .

Have you ever tried to explain dedication to a four year old?

The Kid: Mommy, what are they doing?

Me: *Thinking face* Umm *More thinking face* Well, they're giving him to God.

The Kid: *Pouty face and very nearly quivering lip*

He though they were going to give the poor little guy away, literally.

Me: No, he's not going anywhere. They're dedicating him.

That's right, Toni, repeat that word he didn't understand in the first place.

Me; *Sigh*

The Kid: Mommy, was I dedicated?

Me: Yup, we had you dedicated.

The Kid: Did you take me to Heaven?

Me: No, Baby, we didn't take you to heaven.

At this point he seemed to lose interest in the conversation. Thank goodness! I didn't know what else to say! lol

I told the baby's Mommy after church. She has a daughter around the Kid's age as well. She said "We had the same conversation with Dee. She wanted to know why we were giving him away already."

I love kids!

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C. Beth said...

They are so literal when they're little! One thing he might understand is that the parents are also telling God they are going to do their best to teach their child about Jesus.