Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday!! Are you feeling random? I sure am! If you want to share your own random or just read others, grab the box and join the fun at Stacy's!

1. Today is Kid's birthday. He is five years old today. That's a whole hand! That's a big deal!

2. Our McDonald's is money hungry or something. Every other McD's has Small, Medium and Large iced coffee's. Our McD's has Medium, Large and Extra Large. However, the XLarge at our McD's is the same as a large at any other McD's. Strange.

3. I ordered an extra large iced coffee this morning. At the window I was handed a "medium" (Which, at any other McD's would be a small), umm. I said, "Did I not order an extra large?" She told me that the other lady only put medium on the display. However, she traded it out for an extra large. Extra large for the price of medium. Nice.

4. I planned to put a Sean Bean (because I love him) movie in my DVD player today while I do laundry and party prep. However, Syfy had other plans. There is a Destination Truth marathon on today. LOVE this show. Josh Gates make me happy. :)

5. Taking Kid to school today I saw a man at a stop sign. He was in a very nice black car and wearing a suit. You don't see a lot of guys in suits around here. There's just not a lot of jobs that require suits. I miss seeing guy (and girls) in suits. When I lived in Pennsylvania there were suits everywhere. Where, oh where, is civilization?

6. Lion King 3D tonight? Maybe. It's possible we'll try to go this afternoon for Kid's birthday. Since his party is Saturday we wanted to try to make this day a little special and not just like another day.

7. I made cupcakes last night for Kid to share with his class for his Birthday. There were Very happy kids when I walked into that classroom this morning.

8. On that note I'm going to gain so much weight. Cupcakes, Birthday cake, birthday party food. Around here the "Holiday" season starts with Kid's birthday. Kid's Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

9. Party on Saturday, then guess what? I can start the Autumn/Halloween decorating! SO Excited!

I think that's enough for now. I don't want to bore you any longer. Have great Random Tuesday!!


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

Happy birthday to your kiddo today! I would wish him a wonderful day, but I know you will make it wonderful for him. ;)

I have noticed that the move people around my dress down the more it makes me want to dress up in suits and such. I get some funny looks but I like being dressed up now and then too.

Call Me Cate said...

Happy birthday to Kiddo! I love how much work you put into making his day special for him. Also, I want a cupcake.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Our birthday season is sandwiched together from early May through the end of July, then just about the time things feel normal again - the holidays roll around. It's a vicious cycle. If it weren't for my consistant exercising then I'd be gigantic, I'm sure of it! Hey not that I don't have a few pounds to drop. Who doesn't after having three children. It's a struggle, but my youngest is now 17. Tee-hee-hee! Okay, I need to only knock of 10 pounds and I'll officially be happy!

Thanks for randoming up with us!

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I am Harriet said...

You have a point. I think that suits kinda went the way of the dress.

Mom in High Heels said...

Happy birthday a day late to your little one!
You would die at the McD's here in Germany. Their large is about the size of a medium in the States. There is no upsizing.